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WBCHSE Syllabus 2023 of Class 11 & 12 for All Subjects – Download PDF

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The West Bengal board has released the WBCHSE syllabus 2022-23 for 11th and 12th on its official website – Students can download the latest WBCHSE syllabus 2023 from the website or this page.

The West Bengal board syllabus includes all the chapters and topics you will study in this session. Therefore, students must follow the board’s curriculum to prepare for the exams.

In this article, students can download the WBCHSE syllabus pdf of science, commerce and arts for classes 11th and 12th. Moreover, you’ll also know about the exam overview and paper pattern.

Download:- West Bengal Board 12th Time Table 2022

Download WBCHSE HS Syllabus 2022-23

From the below table, students can download the pdf of the WBCHSE syllabus for classes 11th and 12th of the Science, Commerce and Arts stream:

Class 11th & 12th WBCHSE Syllabus Arts (Bengali Medium)Download
Class 11th & 12th WBCHSE Syllabus Commerce (Bengali Medium)Download
Class 11th & 12th WBCHSE Syllabus Science (Bengali Medium)Download

How to Download the West Bengal Syllabus?

  1. Visit the official website of the West Bengal Board –
  2. On the right many, click on the Syllabus tab.
  3. Then select your class and download the WBCHSE syllabus.

Class 11th WBCHSE Syllabus 2022-23

11th Business Studies Syllabus of West Bengal Board

Unit-1: Nature and Purpose of Business6
Unit- 2: Forms of Business Organizations10
Unit-3: Public, Private and Global Enterprises8
Unit- 4: Business Services8
Unit- 5: Emerging Modes of Business6
Unit- 6: Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics6
Unit- 7: Sources of Business Finance12
Unit- 8: Small Business6
Unit- 9: Internal Trade10
Unit- 10: International Trade8
Unit- 11: Project work20

Class 11 WBCHSE Chemistry Syllabus

Unit – I Some Basic Concepts of chemistry3
Unit – II Structure of Atom6
Unit – III Classification of Elements and Periodicity in properties4
Unit- IV Chemical bonding and Molecular Structure5
Unit – V State of Matter; Gases and Liquids4
Unit- VI Thermodynamics6
Unit- VII Equilibrium6
Unit- VIII Redox Reactions3
Unit- IX Hydrogen3
Unit- X s-Block Elements5
Unit- XI Some p-Block Elements7
Unit- XII Organic Chemistry7
Unit- XIII Hydrocarbons8
Unit- XIV Environmental Chemistry3

Class 11 Mathematics Syllabus

Unit- VII Project20

West Bengal Board Physics Syllabus for Class 11th

Unit – I Physical World & Measurement2
Unit – II Kinematics10
Unit – III Laws of motion10
Unit- IV Work, energy & Power5
Unit – V Motion of System of particles & Rigid Body6
Unit- VI Gravitation7
Unit- VII Properties of Bulk Matter10
Unit- VIII Thermodynamics5
Unit- IX Behaviour of perfect Gas & Kinetic theory of Gases5
Unit- X Oscillations & waves10

Class 12th WBCHSE Board Syllabus 2022-23

12th BST Syllabus of West Bengal Board

Unit-1: Nature and Significance of Management5
Unit-2: Principles of Management5
Unit-3: Business Environment5
Unit-4: Planning6
Unit-5: Organising6
Unit-6: Staffing6
Unit-7: Directing6
Unit-8: Controlling6
Unit-9 : Financial Management10
Unit-10: Financial Markets8
Unit-11: Marketing Management12
Unit-12: Consumer Protection5
Unit-13: Project Work20

Class 11 West Bengal Board Chemistry Syllabus

Unit-1: Solid State4
Unit-2: Solutions5
Unit-3: Electrochemistry5
Unit-4: Chemical Kinetics5
Unit-5: Surface Chemistry4
Unit-6: General principles and processes of Isolation of Elements3
Unit-7: p-Block Elements8
Unit-8: d-and f- Block Elements5
Unit-9 : Coordination Compounds3
Unit-10: Haloalkanes and Haloarenes4
Unit-11: Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers4
Unit-12: Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acids6
Unit-13: Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen4
Unit-14: Bio molecules4
Unit-15: Polymers3
Unit-16: Chemistry in Everyday Life3

Class 12 Mathematics Syllabus

Unit-2: ALGEBRA5

WBCHSE Physics Syllabus for Class 12th

Unit-1: Electrostatics8
Unit-2: Current Electricity8
Unit-3: Magnetic effect of current & Magnetism8
Unit-4: Electromagnetic induction and alternating current8
Unit-5: Electromagnetic waves3
Unit-6: Optics14
Unit-7: Dual Nature of Matter4
Unit-8: Atoms and Nuclei6
Unit-9: Electronic Devices8
Unit-10: Communication Systems3
Unit-11: Project20

Important Points regarding the WBCHSE Syllabus 2022-23

West Bengal 12th class syllabus can prove to be beneficial to all the school students. While following the WBCHSE syllabus 2022, one must consider the points mentioned below:-

  1. To complete the syllabus the time must be calculated.
  2. With clear focus and dedication, students can complete the chapter in the specified time.
  3. All the interesting mandatory chapters should be marked.
  4. Get help from the teachers to prepare different topics.
  5. Complete the syllabus 3 months prior to the exams.
  6. Revise the 12th class syllabus.
  7. Do regular practising of the practical subjects.

Class 11th & 12th WBCHSE Course Overview 2022-23

In the below table, you’ll find complete details about the WBCHSE course for classes 11th and 12th like subjects, medium, organization, exam dates and more.

Name of the Education Board

West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education

Type of Education

West Bengal Government Organization

Parent organization

Department of Education, West Bengal government, West Bengal,


12th Class / Higher Secondary

Name of the Course

Arts, Science, Commerce

Official language


official Website

Download:- WB Board 12th Admit Card 


That’s all about the 11th and 12th syllabus of the West Bengal Board. Before starting the preparation for the exams, students can check the complete syllabus and chapter weightage.

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Q1. From where students can download the 12th syllabus of the West Bengal board?

Ans: Students can download the 12th syllabus of West Bengal board from the official website or this page.

Q2. What topics are important in the WBCHSE class 12th syllabus 2022?

Ans: All the topics in the WBCHSE class 12th syllabus are mandatory to prepare for the WBCHSE exams.

Q3. Does the West Bengal board has reduced the syllabus?

Ans: Yes, the West Bengal board has reduced the syllabus due to the pandemic.

Table of Contents