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Time Saving Tricks to Use Calculator in CA Intermediate Exams

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CA Intermediate is the second level in Chartered Accountancy so it’s obvious that expectations will increase for you. In this article, we are going to learn some tricks of calculator which will save your crucial time in your exams.In the previous article, we have already given basic tips for calculators for CA Foundation exams which you have gone through in CA Foundation exams.Let’s start –

Calculate NPV using 12 digit calculator –

Method 1 – Where the cash outflow or inflow is different in every year.Understand it with an illustration –The initial capital outflow is Rs 100000 for the Project. No scrap value of the Machinery at the end of life and the cost of capital is 16%.Below given are the cash inflows. Calculate its NPV.
Cash Inflow50,00072,00085,0001,15,000
How to calculate –NPV = [ 50,000/(1.16) + 72,000/(1.16)2 + 85,000/(1.16)3 + 1,15,000/(1.16)4] – 100000
  1. Submit 1.16 and then // to make it is a constant number for your repeated calculations.
  2. Then submit 50,000 = M+ for first year
  3. Then 72,000 = = M+  for second year
  4. Then 85,000 = = = M+ for Third Year
  5. Then 1,15,000 = = = = M+ for Fifth Year
  6. Enter MRC for the result.
  7. Result – 100000
  8. You will get your NPV.
Method – 2 Where the Cash outlay is equal for all the years – For Example – Rs 30000/- is a cash outflow at the end of each year for five years taking 6% as cost of capital. Find the last installment then your calculation will be as follows –
  • Step 1 – Submit 1.06 and then press / / (to make 1.06 as a constant number). Thereafter, press 1 and M+ for 5 times (0747258 will appear on your screen).
  • Step 2 – Now, submit 30000 then press / button and enter MRC button. Thereafter press = Rs 7121.89 will be your answer.

Calculation of Xn

How to calculate Xn in the calculator. Learn itash an Example.Take a figure like 2.781828(0.06)
  1. Submit the base figure to your calculator and then press for 12 times. You will get 1.00024417026
  2. Subtract you step (i) result with 1. ex.- (1.00024417026 – 1)
  3. Now, multiply your result in Step (ii) with n i.e. 0.06. [ 0.00024417026 * 0.06] = 0.00001465021.
  4. Again add number 1 to the result of step (iii) i.e. 0.00001465021 + 1 = 1.00001465021.
  5. And last step is press * and = with the result of Step (iv) for 12 times to reverse the square root. Like (1.00001465021 *=,*=,*=,*=,*=,*=,*=,*=,*=,*=,*=,*= where you will get your final result i.e.1.06184).
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Dividing a figure from a fraction without writing it down –

This will need a help of Memory buttons. We hope that you know how to use Memory buttons and if not then you may refer basic tips to use the calculator. Link of which is given in the starting of the article.Let’s learn it the help of an illustration-X (1.25647 + 0.0125638) = 500000In the given equation we have to calculate the value of “X”.
  • Step 1 – Add 1.25647 and 0.0125638 and rather than writing this result on your copy, just save in M+.
  • Step 2 – Press /(divide) after the result of Step – 1 and the number (In this Example it is Rs 500000)
  • Step 3 – Once again you have to press * and then = to get the Final result.
In this way, you can complete the entire calculation on the calculator without using the paper pen.Read More About: CA Inter Results and also Practice CA Intermediate previous year papers

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