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Role of Parents in Career Planning

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Parents are the first teacher of their child and hence there is an important role of parents in career planning. No one can guide them in a better way as their parents could. They need to select a career in which their child can discover joy and success in his life. A well-planned professional career is a key to success and satisfied life. Some studies have also proved that where the child is supported by his parents, he would better trust his capability and perform better rather than a child who chose their career against the wish of their parents.

But you must be thinking how can we guide them in a better way? Or select a right career option for them? Worry not!! Here we are sharing with you some factors which can help you in selecting a right career choice for your kids. Let’s have a look below –


You might have planned Chartered Accountancy, Medical Profession or IAS studies for your Child but he might be interested in sports. You have to understand that it is very difficult to work in a profession you are not interested in. So never pressurized your child to fulfil your dreams. Let him do what he wants.

The work should be something which you can enjoy, feel satisfied and wants to grow. Therefore, the first thing the parents should consider while guiding the child in his career should be interest.

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Scope in Future

The second thing which should be considered while choosing a career for your child is the scope. There are various career options which might not popular today but their scope is rapidly increasing. Hence, forecasting the scope of a career is important while guiding your child.

Salary and Incentives

You might be thinking like money is not a key factor. Knowledge and reputation should be the priority. Definitely, money is not the key factor but in this modern era, one needs higher earnings to lead a happy life rather than just a satisfactory life. The profession you are selecting for your child must be capable to fulfill his desire in the future.

For example – If he wants to live a luxurious life then CA, Medical Professions should be preferred over Photography or Writing until he/she is creative and have an interest in it.

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Should Not be Burdensome

The course you are choosing for your child should not be burdensome on your or his pocket. You should select a career which you can afford without compromising the daily needs of your life. For Ex – If you choose MBA or Engineering from Tier – 1 Colleges, the fee could be burdensome and stress won’t let him focus on his studies. Besides, you can choose CA, CS, Digital Marketing, Fashion Designing or some other field where the earnings are almost same but what differs is their CA course fees.

Visit the Career Services

Many colleges or Institutions where your child is studying conduct the counseling sessions which can give you a better guidance looking at the strength and weaknesses of your child. Therefore, attend the counseling sessions arrange by the school, colleges or other institutions or even you can have face to face communication with the teacher. They can also guide you very well.

Parents have gone through this process, hence they can better understand this. Although the time has changed. You should not pressurize your child with your unreal expectations, or do not force him to earn while studying, do not let him misguide.

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You should identify his capability and strength, helps him in understanding his desire or passion, motivate him towards such work and thereafter choose the best career or guide him to choose the best career for himself.

Table of Contents
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