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How to Concentrate on Studies – Effective Tips to Improve Your Focus

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Is your mind distracted by different thoughts, and you find it hard to focus on your studies? Well, you are not the only one. Like you, almost every other student is struggling to find that focus on studies. But what if we say that with some effort you can find focus in your studies? In this article, we have compiled the list of the most effective methods of how to concentrate on studies without distractions.

This article is beneficial for students who have to study for long hours a day. Class 11-12th students have to give 10-12 hours a day for studies. Similarly, CA course students also have a comprehensive course for which 10-12 hours a day for studies is required.

Studying for long hours can make anyone feel mentally drained. So it is important to

follow the right methods which can enable you to sit and study for long hours. The continuous preparation for 12th board exams or competitive exams like CA requires a complete focus on studies. So we have listed the tips that will help you do a qualitative study for long hours without losing focus or being distracted.

Tips for How to Concentrate on Studies for Long Hours

Read and apply the tips given below to see the change in your concentration level and improved learning.

1. Program Your Mind

Direction and distraction are inversely proportional. If you are distracted, you won’t be focused on your studies. So to make sure you can concentrate on your studies without distraction, you need to remove the things or thoughts that break your focus.

  1. Social media, games, watching movies, and chatting with friends are some of the activities which everyone loves and distract students from their studies. With this in mind, keep your phone or laptop away when you are studying. If you are taking online studies, then block the apps or notification pop-ups to avoid distraction. Instead, use online productivity tools to improve your concentration on studies.
  2. If family members or roommates, or anyone around causes distraction, you should have a dedicated study area. Request them not to enter your study room when you are studying.
  3. The other major distraction for the youthful mind is love. Keeping yourself focused while you are in love is the hardest thing to do, but not impossible. With little sincerity towards studies, and using our tips, you can easily focus even when in love.
  4. Another thing to keep in mind is that only the books you are studying should be on your desk. You should avoid keeping other subjects’ books on your desk as it will only divert your mind and leave you stressed about the other subjects you have to study later.

2. Create a Routine

The best way to concentrate on studies for long hours is to create a routine. It doesn’t matter if you start at 4 o’clock or 7 o’clock in the morning. What matters is that you follow the same routine every day, like a ritual. Keep the study, and miscellaneous activities separate and find the perfect balance for yourself.

3. Avoid Multi-Tasking and Set Targets

Another key tip to focus your mind on studies is to avoid multitasking. Instead, focus on deep work and avoid shallow work. Deep work is when you are completely dedicated to the task. Shallow work is when you are thinking about multiple things at a time.

Focus on a single task at a time. The sheer amount of tasks and topics can overwhelm you. Forget about studying for 10-12 long hours a day; you won’t be able to focus for even a short time. Instead, set and achieve goals one-by-one. Then, you can study more in less time.

4. Stop Trying to Cram Everything

We all know cramming has benefited no one. When you fail in trying to cram up concepts, it will only lead to frustration. You won’t be able to concentrate on your studies for long hours. We know in some topics you have to learn in exact words. Like the CA, students need to learn the laws and provisions in their syllabus. For such topics, use effective learning hacks and memorization techniques.

5. Pomodoro Technique to Concentrate on Studies

Space out study sessions to be able to concentrate on studies for long hours. Short breaks are necessary if you want to keep your mental energy running for long. A short 5-minute break will charge you up for the next study session. Pomodoro Techniques works on the motive of the desperation we show during urgency. Because of the pomodoro (tomato in Italian ) technique, we train our mind that instead of long 24 hours, we only have short 25 minutes with us. It has worked wonders with many and we suggest another effective way to manage time too.

A key point you should note here is that you avoid things that will distract your mind during your short breaks. For example, if you use your mobile phone during the break to play a game, your mind will shift focus from studies to the game, and you will distract from your studies.

6. Maintain Good Health

Your mental health and physical health go hand-in-hand. If your body is physically exhausted, then your mind will also not concentrate on studies. To keep your mental energy levels high, you need to keep your body healthy. Eat good food, drink water, exercise, and sleep for 6-8 hours a night. Keep a snack nearby when you are studying or take.

7. Learn to Say NO

When people around you are trying to distract you, you need to learn to say NO. For example, if your friends invite you for a game or your relatives invite you for a stay, learn to say NO. Some people will try to insist on you, but you have to ensure you are not distracted. It is an important method to get focused on studies.

We are not saying you should cut from your social life completely, but you have to make some firm decisions. For example, to concentrate on studies, you have to cut down on things that take up unnecessary time in your day.

8. Keep Your Studies Active

Plain reading can get boring, especially in theory subjects. The right way to study theory subjects is to make them interesting. Read aloud all the topics you are learning. Ask yourself questions while you read. Summarize after you finish. You can watch short videos to learn a topic or read audiobooks.

Extra Tips on How to Concentrate on Studies

  1. Do not study while sitting or lying in bed.
  2. Dress properly when you sit for study.
  3. Do breathing exercises to calm yourself.
  4. Write the things that distract you on a paper while studying, any random tasks you need to do, or thoughts. Leave them and get back to studying. You don’t need to do them during your study time.
  5. If silence kills your mood, fill your ambiance with some background sound. Although, it is not good for students who easily get distracted by sound.


Q1. Why is it so hard to concentrate on your studies?

Ans. When you are surrounded by so many distractions around and in your head, your mind tries to focus on everything. As a result, your mind doesn’t give 100% concentration on studies.

Q2. How to get your 100% focus back on your studies?

Ans. Follow simple methods to block distractions. When you do that using the above methods, you will be able to concentrate on your studies.

Q3. How many hours should I study?

Ans. There is no ideal number of hours you should study. It all depends on how long is the course and how much effort you need to put into learning it. Whether you are studying for 1 hour or 10 hours, you should be 100% focused on your studies.

Q4. What is the best time of the day to study at full concentration?

Ans. Every student has a different comfort level, so we won’t suggest specific hours of the day here. However, the ideal time to study is when your mind is clear of distractions and focused on studies.

Q5. How to get focused on your studies for long hours, like 10-12 hours per day or more?

Ans. We have shared the tip above for students to follow to minimize distractions while studying.

Start from Today to Concentrate on Your Studies Well

We hope the above methods on how to concentrate on studies for long hours without distraction will help you during your everyday studies and during exams. You should avoid any form of stress and study with a calm mind. Follow the tips we have shared every day and improve your focus.

What else you do to increase focus on studies? Share with us in the comments below. Tell us which of the tips to focus on studies you find useful and that you will be implementing from today.

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