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Effective Learning Hacks for Improved Studies

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Have you started losing interest in your studies and find them too boring? Or do you get easily distracted when you are studying?

If that’s the problem, you are about to get the best solution. Here we are sharing so many amazing and fun learning hacks with you. Even for students who are doing online studies, we have the best online learning hacks. These tips will help you find your focus, concentration, and interest back in your studies. Implement these study tips to have a great study experience and improve productivity.

So read all the learning hacks, pick the ones you like the most and start implementing.

Learning Hacks for Students

  1. Select and organize your study material

With unlimited study material available you can easily find yourself lost and confused about what to choose. So, one of the most productive things you can do for your study time is to sort out your books, notes, and other study material.

  1. Speak out loud to learn better

Instead of reading anything in your mind, speak it aloud. It will help your mind grasp the concept better.

  1. Use flashcards

Make the flashcards after you have understood the topic. So when you see them again, you will recall the complete topic.

  1. Use visual diagrams

This is one of the most effective learning hacks for students. The human grasps the Images and diagrams easily as compared to text.

  1. Use colors

You should use different colors to highlight the main points in the text and while writing notes. When you try to recall the topics, your mind will use different colors to relate to them.

  1. Group studies

Group studies are actually very effective when you are focused on learning. Listening to explanations of topics from your friends or explaining topics to them will strengthen the concepts in your mind. But remember to do self-study of the topics as well.

  1. Quizzes

When you ask questions regarding a topic to yourself, you are bound to answer and explain it. When you find difficulty in the answer, you know you are not over with the topic. Try to make it fun by adding points and rewards.

  1. Watch documentaries, animated lessons

You can make understanding concepts more interesting with this learning hack. Adding the fun of visuals will leave a great impact on your memory and you will remember the topics for longer.

  1. Make self-notes

There is no replacement for the self-made notes study hack. No matter how detailed or how brief your notes are, you should definitely put some time to make them yourself.

  1. Schedule revisions

It is important that you give time for regular revisions. Give more attention to how many times you have repeated a topic. Also, space out the revisions, give your mind signals that it needs to remember what you learned a month or even a few months ago.

  1. Make jingles and songs

Another fun learning hack is that you can make jingles for concepts. You may understand the topic but still keep forgetting it later on. For such cases, jingles are a very easy method to remember the concepts.

E-learning Hacks

  1. To-do lists

Create to-do-lists online for your tasks. It will keep you on track. Remember to add only limited tasks that you can actually complete, don’t overburden yourself with unrealistic tasks. 

  1. Focus on a single task at a time

Don’t open other tabs for social media, emails. As alluring it is to just take a peek at these distracting things, you are actually wasting your productive time for things that won’t even matter the next day.

  1. Keep your smartphone out of your reach

When you are using another device for your studies, you don’t need your phone besides you. Then why let it hamper your productivity. Take a break from your phone and keep them away when you are studying online.

  1. Manage your time to ensure productivity

All people have 24 hours in a day, but some are productive because they manage time while others stay attached to their unproductive things. So which one category do you fit in?

  1. Study Space

Even if you are learning online and you have the chance to create your own comfortable study environment, it shouldn’t mean that you make your bed your study space. It will make you a lazy person. Choose a silent room with a proper study table and chair for your studies. 

  1. Turn off the self-view

When you take live online classes, there is a small window that appears at the corner which shows what’s in the view of your camera. But haven’t you ever got distracted by it during your online classes? Don’t you try to see how you are looking through it? 

  1. Prefer participation over notes

Do you also struggle to participate in live classes and simultaneously take notes? Then, it is better to be active and participate in class discussions. You can take the notes later with the help of a recorded video of the class. 

  1. Save the resource links 

Your teachers and classmates might share notes and important study material in group chats. You should bookmark or save them to save your time. 

  1. Use cam scanner on the phone

The camera scanner app on phones is really the best choice if you want to upload any of your notes or work online. It will give a much better shot of your work as compared to your normal camera app.

  1. Freshen up before the class

Most of the students have the habit of sleeping until the last few minutes before the class starts. It is definitely not the best practice and you should wake up early, freshen up well and have something to eat before the online class starts.

Learning new things can be difficult if you don’t put your heart into it. So make it fun with some or most of the hacks shared above. When you are doing online studies or attending online classes, our virtual learning hacks will help you a lot, so do apply them. 

Do you follow any other learning hacks too? Share with us and your friends in the comment section below.

Table of Contents
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