CBSE Class 11 Maths Syllabus 2021-22 – Download PDF

Class 11 Maths syllabus for 2021-22 is issued by the CBSE Board. The class 11 Maths exams are divided into 2 terms, each having five units. Moreover, the tests can equally be coordinated in 2 segments. Also, the term-wise Maths syllabus of class 11 could be a crucial resource for the candidates that may facilitate them in the exams. Although It provides the elaboration on the course structure, test model, and engravings weightage of arithmetic subjects for Term 1 and Term 2.

The Class 11 Mathematics syllabus 2021-22 includes topics such as sets, algebra, geometry, calculus, and more. You can check the preceding to get ready for the exams. The students should follow the Timetable to grasp what they’ll pursue for the 2021-2022 school year.

Check the NCERT class 11 Maths syllabus 2021-22, and create time table for yourself to cover each and every topic. Moreover, you can create the check system and arrange for the Term 1 and Term 2 Maths 11 exams. Also, students can download the Class 11 maths syllabus PDF to avoid distractions and stick to the plans.

CBSE Class 11 Maths Syllabus 2021-22 Term Wise

Maths produces coherent and problems tending capacities among the students. It’s a little bit difficult but marking subject for the students. By following the correct scenario and approach, you can perform good in the exams. Now, check the term-wise class 11 maths new syllabus in the following sections.

Class 11 Maths syllabus Term 1 with Marking theme 2021-22

CBSE arranges class XI Maths syllabus which is isolated into 5 units. The table beneath shows the units, no. of periods, and engravings administered for term 1. The Maths theory paper of Term 1 is of 40 marks and also the internal examination is of 10 marks.

1Sets & Functions11
3Coordinate Geometry6
5Statistics & Probability6
 Total Theory40
 Internal Assessment10

Unit-I: Sets and Functions

1. Sets

Periods Sets and their depictions. Void set. Restricted and Infinite sets. Identical sets. Subsets. Subsets of plenty of real numbers particularly stretch (with documentation). Power set. Comprehensive set. Venn outlines. Affiliation and Intersection of sets.

2. Relations and Functions

Mentioned sets. mathematician consequence of sets. the number of parts within the mathematician consequence of 2 restricted sets. mathematician aftereffect of the game set up of reals with itself (R x R) in an exceedingly manner of speaking) that suggests an association, pictorial graphs, space, co-region, and extent of an association. Limit as kind of quite an association. The pictorial depiction of a limit, space, co-region, and extent of a limit. Authentic regarded limits, space, and extent of those limits, predictable, character, polynomial, sensible, modulus, signum, extraordinary, exponent, and most imperative entire variety limits, with their charts.

Unit-II: Algebra

1. Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations

Need for complex numbers, especially√−1, to be propelled by the feebleness to deal with a bit of the quadratic conditions. Numerical properties of confusing numbers. Argand plane. clarification of elementary Theorem of algebra, course of action of quadratic conditions (with variable coefficients) within the marvelous variety structure.

2. Gathering and Series

Sequence gathering and Series. Mathematics Progression (M.P.).  Mathematics Mean (M.M.) Geometry Progression (G.P.), general term of a G.P., the number of n terms of a G.P., limitless G.P. additionally, its total, Geometry Mean (G.M.), the association between A.M. also, G.M.

Unit-III: Analytic Geometry

1. Straight Lines

A brief survey of two-dimensional math from earlier categories. The slope of a line and purpose between 2 lines. numerous types of states of a line: concerning the middle, point-incline structure, incline to get structure, two-point structure, block style, and standard construction. the general state of a line. Distance to some extent from a line.

Unit-IV: Calculus

1. Cutoff focuses

The instinctual considered cutoff. Cutoff points of polynomials and affordable limits numerical, noteworthy, and exponent limits.

Unit-V: Statistics & Probability

1. Estimations

Extents of Dispersion: vary, mean deviation, vacillation, and variance of ungrouped/gathered knowledge.

CBSE Class 11 Maths Syllabus for Term 2

CBSE course of study for sophistication 11 Maths is distributed into 5 units. The table underneath shows the Units, No. of periods, and Marks distributed for Term 2. The Maths Theory paper of Term 2 is of 40 marks and therefore the Internal assessment is of 10 marks.

1Sets & Functions8
3Coordinate Geometry9
5Statistics & Probability6
 Total Theory40
 Internal Assessment10

Unit-I: Sets and Functions

1. Mathematical Functions

Periods positive and negative focuses. Assessing focuses on radians and in degrees and changes beginning with one measure then onto the following. Which means mathematical limits with the help of a unit circle. Truth of the character sin2 x + cos2 x = 1, for all x. Signs of mathematical limits. Space and extent of numerical limits and their diagrams. Imparting sin (x±y) and cos (x±y) to the extent of sin ‘x’, sin ‘y’ with cos ‘x’, and cos ‘y’ and their direct applications.

Unit-II: Algebra

1. Direct Inequalities

Straight variations. Numerical plans of straight inconsistencies in a solitary variable and their depiction on the number line. Graphical plan of straight irregular characteristics in two variables. A graphical technique for finding a response for a game plan of direct uneven characters in two variables.

2. Changes and Combinations

The focal norm of counting. Factorial n. (n!) Permutations and mixes, the formula for nPr and nCr, fundamental applications.

Unit-III: Coordinate Geometry

1. Conic Sections

Spaces of a cone: circles, oval, parabola, hyperbola. Standard conditions and clear properties of parabola, oval, and hyperbola. The standard state of a circle.

2. Preamble to Three-dimensional Geometry

Put together hatchets and mastermind planes in three estimations. Headings of a point. Distance between two concentrations and region conditions.

Unit-IV: Calculus

1. Subordinates

Subordinate introduced as the speed of progress both as that of distance work and numerically. Which means subordinate relates it to the degree of the deviation of the twist, an auxiliary of the total, difference, thing, and rest of limits. Subordinates of polynomial and numerical limits.

Unit-V: Statistics and Probability

1. Probability

Subjective examinations; results, test spaces (set depiction). Events; the occasion of events, ‘not’, ‘and additionally’ conceivably events, exhaustive events, absolutely disconnected events, Probability of an event, the probability of ‘not’, ‘and just as events.

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Download Class 11 Maths Syllabus PDF

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Benefits of knowing Full Class 11 Maths Syllabus for 2021-22

knowing the full Class 11 Maths syllabus for Term 1 & 2 reflects the total picture of questions that will appear in the examination. You can simply memorize them by regular practicing, so it becomes easy for students to write fluently without wasting time.

The syllabus includes complete information related to the subject, and simultaneously it produces an outline of the course structure. It is beneficial for the concerned students appearing for the examination along with teachers.

The syllabus is beneficial in terms of projects, and assignments that require to be covered for the academic year 2021 – 2022 as a whole. It signifies the Topics and sub-topics for the specific year. Following the syllabus makes studying easy and gives you more to get a good score and obtain rank in the final examination. It makes the aspiring students boost up with vigor, confidence, skill and utilize minimum energy and save time. Wish you all the best in your success!

Take Away

The aspiring candidates with the ambition to score high marks should follow the Class 11 Maths syllabus and practice consistently to score high marks. VSI Jaipur hopes that the detailed syllabus will be helpful for the candidates as it covers many queries of the students. For further, you may write in the comments section below, we shall answer you back within 24 hours.


Q1. Are there any difficulties in solving the Class 11 Maths syllabus?

Answer: Every paper just requires a decent amount of attention to be solved out easily, you should study from all the past papers to minimize your exam fear and make the preparation for the moon so that you can at least hit stars.

Q2. Are the Trigonometry of Class 11 very hard to solve?

Answer: After years of studying Trigonometry and practicing you know that the Class XI Maths syllabus has numerous functions imbibed with formulas i.e., easy-to-score marks that increase your rank. Just learn the easy to difficult formulas related to the chapters so that you can leave for exams without worries.

3. How can I download the Class 11 Maths Syllabus PDF format?

Answer: On this page itself related to the Class 11 Maths syllabus you get the option to see the entire detailed syllabus. You can make a note for easy access whenever you require it.

4. Has the Class 11 Maths syllabus been reduced for the year 2021 – 2022? 

Answer: No, the CBSE Board has not reduced the syllabus for this current academic session 2021-22.

5. Do students requires class 11th coaching for Maths?

Answer: It depends on the student’s understanding of maths if he requires class 11th coaching for maths or not.