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Why Should You Prefer VSI Compilers and Study Materials for CA Intermediate

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Where to read from?

To run your studies smoothly it’s important to decide where to study from. Every student has its own preferences either we talk about classes, notes or question bank. But the most important aspect of the study is the study material from where to study.

You might have suggested sometimes to read from the ICAI material and as we know that Study material provided by the ICAI is lengthy and cumbersome but still there are some students who prefer ICAI study material. You can also be one of them but ask three questions from yourself before start your preparation.

Can you read the entire material?

  • If yes the above answer then Can you retain that material?
  • If your answer is yes for both the above questions then the third thing is that Can you recall these answers in 3 hours of your paper ??

If the answer to all the three questions is yes, then only you can go with the ICAI study material. As well as, we are giving some guidance below which will help you in deciding from where to study??

This is the query of many students whether to prefer ICAI study material or not. Every aspect has many advantages and many disadvantagen ICAI study material.

Lengthy far more than Expectations

ICAI material iss so let’s start whether to prefer ICAI material or not for the CA Intermediate and why VSI compilers are better tha quite lengthy to read as well as presentation is also cumbersome. As we know that CA Intermediate course is very vast and time is not enough to complete such a vast course from ICAI material because it will add an extra burden for the number of students.

However, VSI material is designed by most experienced and top faculties of India covering all the important points from exam point of view as well as excellent knowledge but ignoring all the unnecessary and irrelevant things from that making it short and easy to read.

Cumbersome Presentation

Presentation matters a lot. The correct sequence of the topics helps the student cover the entire CA course smoothly.

The sequence of the topics given in the ICAI study material is not appreciable. Although chapters are given in the same sequence but topics covered by a chapter are not presented in the correct sequence.  This may be troublesome for many of the students some time.

But when you go through the VSI material you will find the sequence of the topics apart from an outstanding presentation of the answers which makes the VSI students distinguish from the others.

Onerous Language

The language covered by the ICAI material is onerous. Students at the CA Intermediate level are not expected to understand such language.

However, VSI material provides the students easy and understandable language including all the keywords necessary to write in the paper. This is one of the best reason why VSI material is preferable by more and more students.

Errors in the Study Material

Many of the times teachers received a complaint from the students that there are plenty of errors covered by the ICAI study material which breaks the trust of number of students.

Although, the latest GST material given by the institute is quite appreciable due to the pictorial presentation but still there are number of errors which makes the students far away from the study material.

Overlong Solutions to the Practical Problems

Very few of the students are able to solve the paper in a very less time as the papers are considered lengthy. The speed can be maintained in the exam only with the smart solutions covering all the necessary methods and working notes. Methods of solving question given in practice manual are overlong and not appreciable and often makes the students confuse. Hence, those methods are not preferable.

Hence, solutions covered by VSI material are easy, understandable and less time consuming along with all necessary presentation helps in scoring full marks to the students.

For example, instead of giving lengthy working notes after the question, students can give a tabular presentation and mention the short working notes in brackets along with the points which makes the presentation better and easy to read for examiner.

Every Type of Question at one Place

During the study period this may be sound casual but when we are preparing from the exams then such repeated questions can be irritating due to the lack of time and often times it has seen that students miss those questions which should not get miss.

In addition to this, there are endless questions given in the Practice Manual and Study Material which makes the students scared how to cover such.

However, VSI compilers are prepared in such a manner that they cover each and every type of question (one or two from single type) either from the study material or the Practice Manual or the past attempt papers  so that students don’t get bother for the preparation of such.

To get a basic idea where do you stand, little set of analysis is required.

More and more practice would require if you need a conceptual clarity to concrete them. However, command on the concepts will help you brush up with a little lesser practice.

VSI has become a legend in creating a large numbers of Chartered Accountants every year. CA is not a tough course until and unless you don’t get a correct guidance.

Many of the average scorers in board exams has secured rank in the CA IPCC under the correct guidance of the VSI mentors.

Nikhil Kumar is the highest scorer in the CA IPCC till now even after belonging to the Hindi medium with the VSI and made a history in the Chartered Accountancy course.

In addition to the above, VSI has given three AIR-1 in the past six years in CA IPCC again creating a history in the Chartered Accountancy Course.

Now, it’s  your turn to do something or to achieve something big. Throw this fear that Chartered Accountancy is the toughest course and get clear CA Intermediate in first attempt by joining hands with VSI.

One correct decision can take you the brightest future.

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