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Ways to Increase Concentration Power During Board Exams

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Concentrate… Concentrate… Concentrate!! But How to improve concentration power during exams?? Board Exams are on the way but not prepared yet? Concentrating on the subjects which are boring and makes you feel dizzy can be difficult or studying a single subject for long hours can be the most difficult task which is required exam after exam. But you have to work hard as these are board and not your regular exams. This scorecard will be going to be a base of your career.

Therefore, here we are sharing with you some effective tips which can make you concentrate even on the dullest subject. Let’s have a look below –

Here’s How to Improve Concentration Power During Exams

#1 Find a Peaceful Place to Study – Students, find an appropriate place to study where you can concentrate on studies without any distraction. It may be a separate room or a separate corner in your house. If not, then you may join some library near to your residence.

#2 One Study Material at a Time – Multiple books on your study table can increase your stress and do not let you focus on one material. So, keep your study table organized, clear away all the material you don’t need. This thing allows you to concentrate on the material you are referring to that time.

#3 Switch Off Your Cell Phone –  Cell Phones are the biggest distraction which won’t let the students concentrate on studies. Every time you sits for study, your phone starts beeping and display a number of useless messages. By the Cell Phone, we mean all the electronic gadgets which contribute to your distraction say it laptops, tabs, or even your music listening devices.

#4 Study With Some Partner – Often it has seen that students who won’t able to concentrate while studying alone can concentrate while studying with some partner. Studying with the partner can be interesting as it breaks up the monotony of studying or clear your confusing concepts. But find a partner that can accompany you and make your study interesting not a partner which distracts you.

#5 Make Notecards – The most effective way to concentrate while studying is preparing notecards. These notecards can help you repeatedly revising the topics orally which you have covered. It also helps in remembering the words, terms, and concepts.

#6 Read Loudly – Reading silently can be boring and make you feel sleepy. Hence, try to read aloud so that your ears can hear your own voice. This habit can make you feel active and don’t let you lose your concentration.

#7 Think About your Goals – Studies has proved that when students take some stress worrying about their goals, their exams, family, then they would able to concentrate more on their studies. Hence, just do a mental exercise before starting your studies. Think about your exams, your previous scores, your career, your family which can pressurize you to work hard.

#8 Stick to Your Timetable – Set your goals and stick to them. Sitting for study without any goal can be boring and won’t let you concentrate but goals you set down can change the whole experience to study.  For ex – Instead of sitting down to complete the whole chapter, divide it into particular sections and allot time to each such section.

#9 Take Short Breaks – Studying for Long hours seems to increase our labor work and contribute towards losing the concentration. Hence, an effective way to study is to take short breaks while studying and relax your mind for a few minutes. For ex-Take a stroll for 5 minutes after studying for 25 minutes.

#10 Meditate –  Meditation has shown the positive effects to keep you cool, calm and focused. It does not mean that you have to meditate every time you sit for study. Just relax your mind by meditation simply for 10-20 minutes. Start your day focusing on your breath for a few minutes.

These are some of the tips which surely can help you in improving your concentration while studying and you will be able to achieve a high score on your boards. Hope you like the above article. Hence, stay in tune for more such useful contents and feel free to ask any queries from our experts through the comment section given below.

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