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How to Prepare for 10th Board Exams

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Hello Students!! Want to know How to Prepare for 10th Board Exams? Nervous…? This may be because it will be the first time where you will going to face competition throughout the state. This will be your first scorecard which will be presented with your CV in the future. It will be a basis of various scholarship which can support your further studies. So, you have to work hard to settle the brick on which your career can get a base.

Here we are sharing with you some preparation tips for your 10th board exams which can help you to score better in your 10th board exams –

How to Prepare for 10th Board Exams – Few Tips To Score Good

  • Regular Studies – Regular studies is the most important key factor to score high in your board exams. If you will try to cover the whole course in one or two months, it won’t be possible. It can give you just passing marks but not let you score 80 or 90 percent.

So, you should cover your syllabus systematically and study regularly in your daily classes. You must revise the topics at home which have been taught you in the class on regular basis. If you involve such a thing in your practice, there would not be a single thing which can stop you from attaining your dream score.

  • Make your Own Notes –  Definitely, school teachers have provided you the notes but the best notes are always been your handwritten notes. So, develop a habit of preparing notes while studying which will be helpful during your revision.

Also, highlight important points, headings, formulae while preparing such notes.

  • Revision – Every student works hard but very few stands out as Meritorious students. Why? Undoubtedly, they work hard then the rest of the crowd but one more thing distinguish them is their planning. Planning to timely revise the course.

Most of the times, students have seen to complete the course but still won’t able to perform in the exam because they haven’t revised it properly. So, pick out a time say a day in a week on which you can revise all the concepts you have studied throughout the week.

  • Do Not Mash Up with Many Reference Books –  Students in a competition to perform the best use to refer a number of reference books resultant could not complete with their actual syllabus books. This is the biggest mistake they do. Either you go with a reference book or not, but you should always complete your syllabus books.
  • Practice the Past Examination Papers – So many times you have heard, Practice makes a man perfect. This is the time where you can prove such a thing. Directly performing in the exam can reduce your efficiency. You might not be able to answer as accurate as you can if you have practiced it before.

The students should solve at least 5 Past Examination Papers of class 10th which can guide you about the pattern of question asked, presentation needed and also help you in managing your speed into the examination hall

So, in our article “How to Prepare for 10th Board Exams” we have discussed some of the study tips which can help you to improve your score in 10th board exams and let your guardians proud on you. Hope you like these study tips. You can also share your queries through the comment box given below. Our experts will be happy to advise you.

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Table of Contents
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