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Unconventional and Unique Career Options After 12th

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Are you getting sick of hearing Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, MBA, etc etc? Most sought career options… why? Today’s blog post is for you, here we are sharing the most unconventional and unique career options after the 12th. Because people are following the trends and resultant 60% of Engineers, 93% of MBA, over 2 Lakhs Doctors are unemployed.

Students need career guidance after the 12th class to take an informed and better decision. You can also think of pursuing some unique and less crowded careers. Are you also searching for some non-conventional career options after the 12th? Then you must read this article.

Here we have listed the most offbeat career options which can give you a successful career. Let’s have a look at the below-given career options –

Unique Career Options After 12th

#1 Stand-Up Comedian

unique career options

Do you know Kapil Sharma? Who can be unaware of this name? The most renowned stand up comedian which has become an inspiration for the whole of India. During the previous year, India has saluted some of the great stand up comedians who made the public laugh with their mind-blowing sense of humor.

The comedians like Raju Shrivastav, Zakir Khan, Aditi Mittal, Tanmay Bhatt, Bharti Singh, Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar, Manish Paul, Sudesh Lehri etc has made the whole India laugh with their stand up comedy and they had been immensely paid for this job.

No special degree/diploma is required to choose this career option. This is a flexible route which can be opted by any person either he is an IIT passed out or an office boy. The only specialty you required to chose this career is an awe-inspiring sense of humor and the way to make people laugh.

If you possess this specialty, then you can try your luck here.

2. Gemology

unconventional career options

As Bali is known for Silver, Dubai is for Gold, India is known for its original and beautiful Gemstones. The whole world is aware of the Indian Gemstones. The quality of the Indian gemstones is hard to achieve in the entire world. People throughout the world visit our country to purchase the gemstones.

So, the demand for trained professionals who possess a brilliant knowledge of gems, their correlation, effect, originality etc is increasing in the jewelry as well as the astrology sector. In India, and especially in Jaipur which is known for stones have an awe-inspiring market and demand of such professionals.

#3 Food Expert

Are you fond of Eating? Or you like to taste multiple dishes and express an opinion on them to make it perfect? If you possess this talent then why don’t choose this habit as a profession? Yes, Food Experts are hired to taste the various dishes prepared by the restaurants, observe its taste, it’s garnishing, its presentation, aroma, and present their views over such.

Well, the job is not that easy as it sounds. You need to have an excellent knowledge of food, spices, presentation and much more. Beside this, you also possess an impressive communication skill for this job.

4. Chartered Accountancy –

Well, CA is not like, you have never heard about it before. The scope, reputation, and incentives of CA profession make it one of the hottest career option today. Chartered Accountants enjoys an awesome reputation in the society as they are the only persons who have the authority to audit the Financial Statements.

Chartered Accountants are treated as experts in various domains such as taxation, finance, auditing, accounting, corporate laws etc. This profession has breathtaking opportunities to explore the corporate world at a young age.

With the implementation of new laws in our country such as GST, demonetization etc, the scope of Chartered Accountants has been rapidly increasing.

Also, this career option allows you to fetch a handsome return and make it simply perfect. to know how to become a chartered accountant in India follow the given link.

Also check: CA vs CMA

#5 Blogger

unconventional and unique career options after 10th

Are you insane? Thinking like such for me? Believe it or not but writing blogs can also give you a bright career. You can write for not just your website but also promoting the brands of other. Companies offer the job of writing blogs in order to promote their brand and influence their target audience through blogs.

The blog needs to be very creatively written. You need ideas, a capability to observe the things and not just observe, also give them words which can connect the audience with your thoughts and convey them your message.

These are some of the unconventional career options which one can opt after class 12th. These are not just promising you a bright career but also incentives offering by these courses are mouthwatering. Hope you find this article helpful and choose the best career option from above! If not then checkout VSI Jaipur’s Courses after 12 page for more varieties with detail. Always stay in tune with us for more such useful articles.

Table of Contents
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