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Classroom Satisfaction vs Exam Satisfaction During CA Preparation

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In the CA Exams, you must have heard about the students whose papers were good but faced negative result multiple times. This is a result of coaching institutes provides classroom satisfaction instead of Exam Satisfaction.

Wondering, what is classroom satisfaction and what is exam satisfaction?

Classroom Satisfaction refers where students are comfortable with classroom study pattern while exam pattern refers to where student are comfortable in Examination hall while attempting their papers.

Let’s Understand more about Classroom Satisfaction

Coaching institutes who taught easy pattern and provide notes in simple or easy language which could be easily understood by students are referred as classroom satisfaction.

Students feel relax referring such kind of study pattern while preparing for CA papers but such students face difficulty while attempting Papers.

They face difficulty in understanding the question, what examiner wants to ask or from where to start solution. The language used by them could not maintain the ICAI standards and results into multiple attempts in CA Exams.

There are some keywords which cannot be replaced with your language. You should write them as given in suggested answers of ICAI. You have to present your answer exactly in the manner which ICAI is asking from you. Also, there are some specific methods to solve the question which needs to follow in papers.

Now Move Towards Exam Satisfaction

Some coaching institutes follow a study pattern where students need to work hard during classes but it provides them comfort while appearing in Exam.

They make students follow such kind of study pattern which ICAI ask from them. The language used in their notes follow a level which ICAI wants to maintain. The question solving pattern is also what ICAI is demanding from students.

Following such exam pattern never let students face difficulty in attempting paper. There answer pattern meets the standards of ICAI and presentation is also demanded by ICAI.

Such kind of coaching institutes gives the maximum positive result which none of other institutes can achieve.

Why Choose VSI

VSI is delicately following Exam Pattern of study which makes students face challenges amid the classes but they never feel Final Exam Papers tough. The reason behind such is VSI is continuously maintaining the ICAI level.

The teachers use to provide solutions which are required by ICAI. Notes given by VSI is completing the language demanded by ICAI and also meeting its standards.

If students properly follow the VSI guidance, then result will definitely be positive. You will able to achieve the result you want under the guidance of Vidhya Sagar Institute Limited.

Our experienced teachers do not let students feel “It is not tough course” or “we could not do this”. Our students never limit to clearing this exam. They dream big and we work with them to fulfill their bigger dreams.

Earlier, we use to see our elders moved to the higher cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai etc. for preparing CA Courses but now students from all over India have seen to move Jaipur due to its spellbound result in CA Exams.

The credit of the extravagant result of Jaipur goes to Vidhya Sagar Institute Limited which has created a history in the Chartered Accountancy result. VSI has given 7 times AIR – 1 in past 10 years, Our winners Akshat Goyal has secured All India 1st Rank in CA Intermediate May 2019 exams and Ajay Agarwal has secured All India 1st rank in CA final May 2019 exams with ever highest marks in the history of ICAI. VSI is proud of giving the highest CA results in India.

Today students came to VSI from All Over India to achieve the better result in CA Exams.

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Table of Contents
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