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How to Utilize Time After CA Intermediate Exams

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CA Intermediate is the second stage after clearing the entrance exam and is really a tough challenge. Once you are done with the Intermediate exam then you will have to wait for two months for your result. Now, the next question that came to your mind is What to do after the Intermediate exam, how to utilise such two months after the exams. Students, don’t just waste this crucial time at least until you become Chartered Accountant.

Even if you clear Intermediate in your first attempt then also you will not become eligible to register for CA Final or three-year practical training. You have to undergo some training or programs for registering in the Final course.

Well, everybody has an idea about their papers. If you know that your papers were not good enough to crack this exam then wait for a couple of days and again start preparation. However, if you are confident that you will get pass or there is some probability that you will crack this exam then follow the below mention advices.

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How to Utilize Time after CA Intermediate Exams?

  1. Get Enroll for ITT and OT – The moment you crack the Intermediate examination either only first group, you will become eligible to register for the three-year practical training after undergoing ITT and OT programs. Hence it would be better to get enrol for the ITT and OT even before the Intermediate exams so that you can easily get the batch and complete both trainings before theCA Intermediate Result.
  2. Prepare your C.V. – Everybody knows that after passing the first group of Intermediate examinations, one has to undergo three years of CA Articleship training. In this cut-throat competition, you should prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges and catch the opportunities whenever you get a chance. Therefore it would be better to prepare your resume even before the result.
  3. Select the Companies – From the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India students get an ample time to choose the firms for their Articleship. But in this competition era, students are not getting practical training at their wished Chartered Accountants firm. Even some of the students have to undergo through the dummy Articleships which has proven to be the big constraint in their career. Therefore instead of wasting time after the result, in selecting the companies one should be well prepared with resume and names of the Companies. So that you can start applying as soon as the result is declared.
  4. Start preparing for the Second Group – Those students who appeared only for the first group in the Intermediate examinations should start preparing for the second group without waiting for the result. If your coachings for both the groups are completed then two months are enough for the self-study of Group – II. In case you will have to face the negative result in Group – I, then you can start the first group after the declaration of your result and appear for both the groups simultaneously in the next attempt. [Check: CA Intermediate papers]
  5. Involve reading Business Newspaper into your habit – Intermediate result will open the door for many of the students in the Corporate world. A Chartered Accountant is expected to be updated with the latest amendments and if you are dreaming to be successful Chartered Accountant then start reading Business Newspaper daily and also get in touch with the latest amendments.
  6. Write articles for the Students Journal –  Every month ICAI send Students Journal to each and every student. Instead of only reading that article starts preparing your own article. Read the latest amendments and prepare some article then send it to ICAI. Maybe your first article does not get selected but never lose your hope. Analyse your mistake and prepare next article.

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    Never ever waste your time, utilise your time after Intermediate exams. Engage yourself in some activities and update your knowledge. Once you cleared the CA Intermediate examinations you will become the CA Finalist and expectations from you will always be high and this is the best time to grow and learn. So, just grab this opportunity.

    Table of Contents
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