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ICAI Launches New SPMT (Self-Paced Module Test) Complete Details

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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has stepped into the process of revamping the examination procedure by recently introducing the Self-Paced Module Test (SPMT) Portal. This solution offers candidates a convenient and flexible system for studying the modules and taking tests according to their learning speed. The portal offers great flexibility; candidates can choose their examination date, time and place. Furthermore, the portal embraces remote proctoring to ensure the credibility and fairness of the examination are not compromised.

The SPMT Portal also makes the registration process to be easy and effective. In addition, the portal offers a wide range of resources that will assist a candidate, including learning resources and tools that aid in the preparation process. Overall, launching the SPMT Portal is a major step towards realizing ICAI’s vision of incorporating technology into education and skill enhancement for future Chartered Accountants.

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ICAI Self-Paced Module Registration Process

The ICAI Self-Paced Module registration process is quite simple and can be done by following the steps below:

  • Please make sure that you have fulfilled the required learning hours set for the specific Self-Paced Online Modules via the ICAI Learning Management System (LMS) portal.
  • Visit the official SPMT portal at
  • Access the SPMT portal using your SSP (Self-Service Portal) login credentials.
  • Please complete the registration form for the Self-Paced Module Test and select the date, city, and exam slot from the given options.
  • You must pay the examination fee of Rs. 500 for India, Rs. 850 for Nepal/Bhutan, and USD 150 for other international centres.
  • On successful completion of the payment, you will receive a confirmation of your ICAI Self-Paced Module registration.

ICAI Self-Paced Module Login

So the ICAI Self-Paced Module login is quite simple and it is possible through the following steps:

  • Go to the official SPMT portal at
  • Enter your SSP (Self Service Portal) login credentials to sign in.
  • Once you log into the portal, the homepage redirects you to the dashboard where you can access your registered modules, upcoming tests, and other information.

ICAI Self-Paced Module Subject and Syllabus

The ICAI Self-Paced Module covers various subjects essential for the Chartered Accountancy course. Below is a comprehensive table of subjects included in the syllabus.

Self Paced Online Modules
A: Corporate and Economic LawsB: Strategic Cost & Performance ManagementCD
MODULE 1: Corporate Laws SECTION A: Company Law SECTION B: Securities LawsMODULE 1: Strategic Cost ManagementPaper-1: Risk ManagementPaper-1: The Constitution of India & Art of Advocacy
MODULE 2: Economic LawsMODULE 2: Strategic Performance ManagementPaper-2: Sustainable Development and Sustainability ReportingPaper-2: Psychology & Philosophy
  Paper-3: Public Finance and Government AccountingPaper-3: Entrepreneurship & Start-up Ecosystem
  Paper-4: The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016Paper-4: Digital Ecosystem and Controls
  Paper-5: International Taxation 
  Paper-6: The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 
  Paper-7: Forensic Accounting 
  Paper-8: Valuation 
  Paper-9: Financial Services and Capital Markets 
  Paper-10: Forex and Treasury Management 

Students can only register for the ICAI SPMT if they have accomplished the learning hours for each of the corresponding modules through the ICAI LMS.

ICAI Self-Paced Module: Remote Proctoring

The ICAI Self-Paced Module Test (SPMT) incorporates remote proctoring to maintain the integrity of the online examination process. This advanced approach enables candidates to appear for their tests from any location. However, the monitoring process is remote, hence eliminating any form of malpractice.

In the course of the test, a candidate is being surveilled by their computer’s webcam and microphone. This live surveillance allows human proctors or invigilators to identify any abnormal activities or movements that may signify cheating. The invigilators also supervise the candidate during the test session to ensure compliance with regulations. Remote proctoring also includes security features comprising ID checks and room searches conducted by proctors or invigilators before the beginning of the test. 

To appear for the ICAI SPMT, the candidates will require a computer with at least 2 GB RAM, a webcam, a microphone, and a power source with a backup duration of at least four hours. The screen resolution should be 1920 x 1080 pixels, and the operating system should be Windows 7 or above. The candidates should be using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers and have internet connectivity with a minimum speed of 1.0 Mbps. The use of mobile hotspots for internet access is not recommended.

Importance of Self-Paced Online Modules

  • Self-paced modules offer students the flexibility of choosing when to learn, which is especially good for working professionals or those bound by other responsibilities. This flexibility helps minimize stress and enhances the chances of mastering the ICAI self-paced module syllabus.
  • These modules adapt to learners’ capabilities and rhythms to ensure that every learner spends more time with challenging content and less time with content that he or she knows well. This personalized approach fosters understanding and memorization of information among students.
  • With self-paced learning, there are no geographical constraints. Students from different parts of the world can access the same quality educational materials, thereby ensuring equity and equal opportunities for all students.
  • Self-paced modules usually include quizzes and assessments that give immediate feedback. This ongoing evaluation enables the student to learn their strengths and weaknesses, thus aiding the learning process.
  • Self-paced modules eliminate the need for physical and transportation infrastructure, lowering education costs and creating an opportunity to expand educational access to the public.

Benefits of the Self-Paced Module Test Portal

  • The first advantage is that a candidate can select the date and time of the exam convenient for him. This flexibility helps candidates avoid conflicts with other commitments and reduces the stress correlated with strict examination schedules.
  • Remote proctoring enables candidates to sit for the exams in their homes. It also maintains the integrity of the examination process, cutting down on the overall cost of travel and accommodation often incurred while attending a physical examination centre.
  • The registration process with the help of the online portal is similarly very convenient. This efficiency also contributes to the amount of time and effort that both candidates and the ICAI spend towards the registration process.
  • The greatest advantage of the ICAI SPMT portal is the possibility to learn at your own pace, allowing for better comprehension of the material. This approach would enable candidates to revisit any difficult topic at their own pace, leading to a deeper and more comprehensive grasp of the ICAI self-paced module syllabus.
  • The system provides immediate feedback on assessments, helping candidates to quickly identify and address any areas of weakness. This instant feedback loop is crucial for continuous improvement and preparation.

Steps to Prepare for the Self Paced Module Test

  • The initial step is to ensure that the necessary learning hours for each module on the ICAI LMS (Learning Management System) are completed. Ensure you have met the minimum hours necessary before registering for the self-paced module test.
  • Go thoroughly through the ICAI self-paced module syllabus to get an idea of the material you will cover. Focus on concepts and topics highlighted by the ICAI. Use the study materials and reference books provided by ICAI to ensure you have an in-depth knowledge of all the necessary contents.
  • Take advantage of practice tests available on the LMS. These mocks are replicas of the actual testing environment, enabling you to gauge your preparedness. When taking these tests, practice time management to ensure you can complete all questions within the allotted time during the actual exam.
  • Create a timetable where you set a certain time for each topic you cover. Consistency is key to effective preparation. Preparing a schedule that includes time for study and rest is advisable to avoid burnout.
  • Check regularly for updates or changes to the ICAI self-paced module syllabus, exam format, or other relevant information through ICAI announcements and the ICAI SPMT portal.

Self Paced Module Test Portal FAQs

Q1. What is the SPMT?

The Self-Paced Module Test is an online examination system introduced by ICAI. So it is for candidates who have completed their learning hours for specified modules.

Q2. How do I register for the SPMT? 

Registration process is possible through the SPMT portal using your SSP login credentials.

Q3. What are the fees for the SPMT? 

The fee is Rs. 500 for tests in India, Rs. 850 for Nepal/Bhutan, and USD 150 for other international centres.

Q4. What subjects are included in the SPMT? 

Current subjects include Corporate & Economic Laws, Strategic Cost and Performance Management, etc.

Q5. Can I choose my exam date and time? 

The SPMT portal allows you to select your preferred date, city, and exam slot.

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