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Review of VSI By Former CA Intermediate AIR 5 Ranker Ankush Chirimar

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Education is important not only for day-to-day survival but also for keeping the right score with life. Professional courses after 12th have a lot of significance in shaping the individual career and can also accelerate growth. CA is India’s most renowned profession especially, for commerce students. But, with only an 11% passing rate, it is also India’s toughest exam too.

There are many institutes in India providing online and offline coaching for CA foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA finals. Some even provide coaching for particular subjects like law, audit, accounts, maths, taxation, and more. But as they say, all that glitter is not gold, similarly, all coaching institutes do not necessarily mean success in CA exams. What Can possibly go wrong with CA classes, or what students should expect from the CA coaching center are the queries which intrigued us to write this honest blog about VSI.

This blog is inspired by the Video VSI honest review from Ankush Chirimar. He is an ex-student of VSI, who enrolled for CA intermediate classes in 2019 and secured AIR 5th Position in the CA Intermediate exams. He is neither our current student nor is he affiliated with us, hence was open to sharing his reviews about us, prudently.

We are glad when we get such reviews and feedback as they not only motivate us but also help us to improve every now and then.

To start with we agree to the point that this is entirely a myth about us that we only focus on bright students and pressure students to mug up the syllabus.

We might have our own cons but we certainly don’t follow this approach. In this video, Ankush has mentioned the pros and cons of joining VSI and for this, we need to say that he has been very precise in pointing out our strengths and weaknesses.

Why Should You Join VSI?

VSI is Rajasthan’s first ISO 9001:2000 certified CA & CMA coaching institute. The Chairman and Founder, DR CA R.C Sharma, sir himself is a successful CA and has a proper understanding of this industry. With hands-on experience in teaching, we are proud to achieve some major milestones in our journey of 10 years. There are few reasons why we are chosen one among many students who aspire to become CA after their secondary education.

We have Past History of Giving Top Ranks

Not once, twice, or thrice; we have Seven times AIR 1 in the last few years. Some envious minds do find luck helping us with this matter, but Ankush rightly pointed out that fortune doesn’t play a role 7 times! We have been consistently giving good results and aspiring our students to score top ranks in exams. We give credit to VSI ideology and culture, which has been strongly instilled by our founder. We have a good environment and prefer to enroll students who are willing to do hard work to achieve their goals.

Our Honest Culture Focus On Education Nothing Else

“The art of reading and studying consists in remembering the essentials and forgetting what is not essential.”

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

Yes, Ankush rightly said that “ our classes are not entertaining”, We don’t focus on making our students happy, but we focus on getting the best result for them.

When you study you should just study and focus on every bit of it. Our classes are not entertaining and we don’t motivate ourselves by cracking jokes and having lively moments during classes. It is even scientifically proven that when you study with a focused mind, the grasping power is sharper than normal. Hence while the student is with us in online classes or offline classes, we primarily discuss topics only related to the course, in an interactive way.

We Share only the Right Study material with Students.

Unlike other institutes, we provide notes only for a few subjects. We emphasize more on ICAI modules for regular revision and preparation as we assume them to be the best and appropriate material to study for CA exams. At the same time, we also believe when students read ICAI modules they get prepared with their terminology and their pattern of writing answers, which ultimately help them to achieve more marks.

Only when it is required, we provide notes to our students, which are crisp and precise. Yes, we don’t provide fancy written notes for each subject like other institutes do, but for only one reason; we have better study material for you.

Our Systematic Approach towards learning

Yes, Ankush rightly said that we are strict. But, We value your hard-earned money, hence we make the best of our time while students are with us. We have a timetable for every class and we target to complete the entire course way before the exams. We believe that students should have ample time with them to revise the syllabus hence we make sure that every class is timely organized without any fail. We also make sure that students have a strong conceptual understanding of the topics coming in the exam and are at ease with them.

Mock test paper

Mock test papers prepare students to appear in exams and perform well, even when under stress. We periodically schedule mock tests for our students, which help them to get prepared according to ICAI standards. Our question papers are based on complete ICAI syllabus guidelines and we give marks only to those answers which are at par with ICAI standards. Though many students complain our marking is tough, we believe in only getting the best out of every student of VSI.

Personal Guidance is the Key to Success

Spilling our secret of success we follow that perfect recipe of getting ranks

20% Coaching classes + 40% Mock test paper+ 50% personal guidance.

It is rightly mentioned by Ankush, that we don’t take ourselves seriously but we make every student work really hard”. Instead of focusing on ourselves, our entire team focuses on students and ensures every CA aspirant is working hard to achieve the passing results.

Ankush himself mentioned in the video that at times he got frustrated and blamed VSI for putting him on such a vigorous study regime. But when R.C. Sharma sir personally called him and spoke to him to reassure him that his consistent hard work would surely secure rank for him, he got instant motivation; and the rest is history.

This is why we say RC Sharma’s motivation and personal guidance play a major role in getting the best result from students. Our classes certainly help students to have a clear understanding of the subjects but it is their hard work that pays them back. Mock test paper on the other hand helps them to have regular assessment of their knowledge and provides them room for improvement and practice.

The same way our faculty is in direct touch with students. Every Student (online or offline), here, has R.C. Sharma and other faculty members ’ personal phone numbers and has permission to call on them whenever in doubt. Even many interactive sessions are held through online mode, where R.C. Sharma sir personally connects with CA students.

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CA Online and Offline Classes OF VSI

VSI is the pioneer in Jaipur to use the new and updated technology for a better learning experience. We have been providing live and recorded CA classes for some time and now are aware of how to give the best experience to our students. Our live classes run robust with the band to relay the high-quality pictures and sound, whereas our same-day recorded classes are instantly edited and provided to the students. We are proud of having mentors who frequently guide us on how we can get better and cope with the current changes.

Moreover, R.C. Sharma sir personally shares proven tips which include attempting easy questions first in exams, or revising today’s work before you go to sleep, on youtube videos, which have worked miraculously for some students.

All in all, VSI makes use of all the latest technology trends like ebooks, podcasts to stay connected with today’s millennials.

Point Where VSI needs to work

“Perfection is a myth and regular improvement is how one should live!”

We certainly have the best team working with us, but still, it is possible we might have disappointed students in our approach or structure. We accept that we might have few disadvantages but we promise to work towards them and will improve in no time. Some of the Cons mentioned by Ankush in this video are :

We Don’t Provide Detailed Information on Topic

As said earlier we focus on providing information related to the syllabus. We deliberately avoid stretching the topic and provide additional information that is not relevant to the syllabus. At the same time as all our classes are pre-scheduled, our approach only helps us to complete the CA syllabus on time.

This approach also at times makes our classes dull and boring to students.

Having said that, we take this point into consideration and will try to find a way to make classes precise yet more engaging.

Our Fee Structure Is More than Reasonable

Many find our fees to be slightly on the upper side in industry, but then all we could say is that it is still worthwhile.

We Only Pay Attention Towards Bright Students

Ankush pointed out perfectly why our approach looks biased to many. As he mentioned in the video we identify the students who are self-motivated and are keen on their aims. We help those students specifically by giving them just regular follow-ups on their studies. Apart from personal follow up there is nothing more served to those students. At the same time, we also motivate other students to come to us and ask their doubts whenever required.

We Are Strict To The Students

Yes, we accept this allegation as we don’t follow the policy of making our students happy. We strictly follow a culture that emphasizes education and only education. At the same time, we are also very particular about how to present answers in the exams. As mentioned in another video of Ankush, ICAI gives marks to those answers which are presented in required format.

Hence, since the beginning, VSI persuades students to provide answers in ICAI suggested patterns and vocabulary, so that they achieve full marks in exams. While installing such skills in our students we have to be strict with marking and pattern, but eventually, students are only benefited because of our decorum. This statement is also testified by the Intermediate rank holder in this video.


As can be seen, VSI is the best CA institute in India to help students with CA exams. At the same time, CA is one of the most searched professional courses after 12th commerce. VSI provides exclusive online CA coaching for students clearing 2021 class 11th and 12th exams. Together, we provide CA foundation coaching, CA intermediate coaching, and CA final coaching all, under one roof.

We know what it takes to be a CA. As a CA student, it is important to acquire the right skills and qualities so that you can take a leap in exams and make a successful career as a chartered accountant. So for the best learning experience, you should join institutes that use the best technology trends of 2021. You deserve nothing less than the best education.

Win over your fear of failure in exams; success is waiting for you.

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