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CA Intermediate Revalidation Form for May 2023

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Friends, are you afraid that you have to pay the whole registration fee at the time you need to get renew your CA Intermediate Registration. Actually, you are not alone who thinks so. But don’t worry, Chartered Accountancy is much better than other professional courses, easily affordable for middle-class families. Today’s post is about the CA Intermediate revalidation form and everything else you need to know about it!!

Students, who desire to renew their CA Intermediate registration don’t need to pay the whole registration fee. They need to fill out a CA Intermediate Revalidation form and pay a minimum amount decided by the council from time to time. In the present time, the amount is just Rs 400/- and with such an amount, your registration will get renewed for a further 4 years.

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CA Intermediate Revalidation Form Registration 2023

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) under the revised scheme of education and training announced the revalidation of CA Intermediate course registration.

The ICAI Council has decided that the validation for the CA intermediate will be valid for 3 years. For ICAI CA intermediate exam May 2023 in order to be eligible for the exam, candidates must have a valid CA intermediate registration number on the date of application to the CA examination. Students must ensure that the registration for CA Intermediate must be valid on the date of filling the CA intermediate examination form.  

Refer to the table for better understanding:

The validity of registration expiring/ expired of the CA intermediateWhat students have to do
On or before 30th April 2022Students have to revalidate their registration
On or between 1st May 2022 and 30th April 2023Students do not have to revalidate their registration. These students can appear the CA intermediate Nov 2022 and May 2023 exams 
On 1st May 2023Students are eligible to appear for CA intermediate May 2023 exams without revalidation
On or after 2nd May 2023Students have to revalidate their registration for the CA intermediate Nov 2023 examinations

CA Intermediate Revalidation Form Requirements

Students who are registered with CA Intermediate shall give a number of attempts till 4 years but after the expiry of such 4 years, they need to revalidate their registration.

Further, for students who have switched themselves into the CA Intermediate from IPCC, their 4 years will be counted from the date they switched into the revised scheme.

Once, you revalidate your registration, it will be valid for 4 years.

The revalidation fee shall be Rs 400/- in the present time as decided by the council.

Students shall ensure that they have valid registration before applying for the CA Intermediate Exam.

Procedure for CA Intermediate Revalidation for May 2023

The students have to apply for the CA Intermediate revalidation in the below-given format which comprises of Name of the course, Students Registration Number, Date of Registration, Date of Expiry of Registration. The revalidation form shall be duly signed by the registrant along with the prescribed fees.

The students can make the payment of revalidation fee by way of Demand Draft only and such draft shall be made in favor of –

“The Secretary, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India,

Payable at Mumbai / Chennai / Kolkata / Kanpur / New Delhi

The above application along with such a draft shall be sent to the concerned decentralized office from where registration was done.

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    In the above article, we have discussed the CA Intermediate revalidation form details, its requirements, and the form procedure as well. Hope you find the most useful. Ask your queries in the below-given comment section.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. How can students revalidate in CA Intermediate Form?

    To revalidate in CA intermediate students have to fill the revalidation form and pay a minimum amount of Rs 400. Students have to get renewed their registration every four years. Students can also refer to the page above. 

    Q2. How can students convert from CA IPCC to CA Intermediate?

    ICAI has automatically transferred all the students from CA IPCC to CA Intermediate.

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