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CBSE Class 12th Business Studies Project Guide (2023-24)

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Business Studies is one of the main subjects in commerce stream class 12. It provides an extensive array of advanced information and concepts related to business. It provides a piece of good knowledge related to the subject that influences the growth, development, and earnings of a business. Students of class 12 are required to prepare a Report File on a subject to be submitted during practical.The practical for the subject is conducted before the main board exams in February. They will submit a report file to the respective teacher in the practical exam. Class 12 Business Studies Project will help students attain the practical knowledge of what they learned in theoretical class. In this business study project guide, you will read about necessary details like project guidelines, weightage, topics to consider, etc.

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Class 12th CBSE Business Study Project guidelines 2023-24

  • Class 12 commerce stream students need to pick a topic related to the subject and prepare a report file on it. You can choose any unit out of four from the subject.
  • Class 12th Business Studies Project file will be done by every student after discussing it with the teacher.
  • While preparing the project report for BST, they will discuss it with the teacher for supervision at every stage of the submission.
  • They can ask for study material or suggestions from the teacher to create a report file for their project.
  • Students have to do complete research on the chosen topic before beginning the project. The VIVA will be based on it, and research will help during the VIVA exam.
  • They have to make a project from scratch and not buy readymade projects.

Must Check CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Paper 2023-24.

Marking scheme of CBSE class 12th Business Studies Project Work 2023-24

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The business Studies project for class 12 CBSE is of 20 marks, including one project file and the VIVA exam. Teachers will allot marks to students based on the assessment specification provided by the CBSE board. Students need to ensure they do well in all 4 points of the project to get full marks. The table below shows the marking scheme of the Class 12th Business Studies Project.

Project SpecificationMarks
Total Weightage20
Project1 File
Topic1 unit out of 4
Marking Scheme 
Preparation and creativity2
Cooperativeness and participation2
Content and research work4
Situation Analysis4

Class 12th VIVI of Business Studies Project 2023-24

Viva for Class 12th Business Studies Project is an important part of the practical exam. It carries 4 marks out of 20 marks on the practical exam. The VIVA exam will be conducted on the basis of the report file prepared by the student. It is to assess the understanding and knowledge of students about the subject, report, and analysis. Students are required to study well and conduct good research while preparing their projects. They can prepare for the viva exam by going through FAQs related to the topic.

Objectives of CBSE Class 12th Business Studies Project 2023-24

The objective of a Business Studies project for class 12 CBSE is-

  • To develop an interest in practical and theoretical topics of business studies.
  • To make them familiar with the theoretical foundations of business operations.
  • To help them appreciate the social and economic significance of business activity. 

Class 12th CBSE Business Studies Project Work Ideas 2023-24

The project of Business Studies is an important part of the syllabus. It is of 20 marks in total and consists of a report file and a viva exam. CBSE has assigned 4 important topics for the Class 12 Business Studies Project. They can make a project on any one topic mentioned below-

  • Business Studies class 12 project on principles of management
  • Class 12th Business Studies project on marketing management
  • Business Studies class 12 project on Elements of Business Environment
  • Business Studies class 12 project on the Stock Exchange

Here are some ideas for the Class 12th Business Studies Project-

  • Child Labour in India
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Stock Exchange Report 

How to Prepare the Class 12th Business Studies Project 2023-24?

Understanding syllabus- The first step to preparing a project is knowing your syllabus and the topics covered in it. Go through the CBSE business studies syllabus to get a hint of concepts and topics.

Research- A thorough and deep research before starting on the project is mandatory. Research as much as possible on the topic you selected. Refer to books, online resources, journals, and articles to learn more about it.

Don’t skip guidelines- Students must follow the guidelines provided by CBSE while preparing the Class 12 Business Studies Project.

Planning and organizing- When you begin a project, plan it to be on time during submission. Research, writing, and editing require time.

Ask for help- If they face any difficulty while making a project, they must ask for help from a teacher. It will help them save time. 


1. How to prepare for the Class 12th Business Studies Project?

Understand the syllabus, choose a topic, research it, and follow the format and guidelines to prepare the project. 

2. Can we get a Class 12th Business Studies Project Topic Idea from the NCERT Books?

Yes. Students need to make a business studies project on 1 out of 4 units from the syllabus.

3. Is it compulsory to prepare for the CBSE Class 12th Business Studies Project?

Yes. The project is worth 20 marks and is a mandatory part of the syllabus.

4. How to prepare for Class 12th Business Studies Project Viva-Voice?

The VIVA will be based on the project report. Make sure you research it and read it carefully.

5. What are the important questions for Business Studies VIVA?

The objective of the report, the significance of the topic, challenges you faced during project making, how your project topic helps to understand the subject, and what it implicates are a few basic questions asked during the viva.

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