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Interview with Tanu Garg, All India 1st rank holder of CA IPCC May 2015

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ICAI declared CA IPCC result May 2015 on 31st July 2015. We already knew that Tanu Garg got all India 1st Rank with 559 marks. She prepared for IPCC Exam at Vidya Sagar Institute (VSI) Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Hello Tanu, first of all, many congratulations to you.

Thank you!

Q How you felt when you came to know that you have achieved All India First rank?

Actually, it was an unexpected reaction I did not expect that I would be the first ranked. Obviously, nobody thinks like this.

My brother called me and he told me that you got the first rank, I told him “Are you crazy. The first rank is a little too high”. then he said made me believe this news. It was like, I was over excited.

QIs this like a dream come true for you?

I can not say my dream, yes, I want to rank but I did not even think of getting AIR 1.

QIf we talk about CA results, it is only 4-5% and clears it in the first attempt is considered a big deal. But you have achieved all India rank in the first attempt. so what did you most inspire and who is your role model?

Inspiration has always been my parents. I always wanted to be like my father…. So he is a Chartered Accountant, then I too wanted to become a CA, so the most inspiration for me is my parents. and they are the ultimate role model for me.

Q We would like to know how many hours you studied and What was your schedule in this middle. …. How many hours of initially studied?

After finishing off CPT exam, I enrolled immediately myself for the very first IPCC batch at VSI, even before the release of  CPT result. then for 9 months of our time, We had to manage our studies.It is 2-3 hours of daily revision along after our regular classes. Our course was completed by the end of November or December first week. After that, we had to prepare during study leaves of 5 months. My study during these 5 months really has been useful for my result.

QWhy you choose Vidya Sagar Institute?

The decision to choose Vidya Sagar was because  I did CPT preparation from here, so I knew their study pattern. How they focus on each individual student plus the mock test series of VSI. After seeing all these advantages, I decided to do it with VSI plus some seniors whom I knew, Nikhil Poddar Bhaiya AIR 1st who scored highest marks in the history of IPCC. So seeing this, I thought if he could get all India first rank from VSI then I should also join VSI.

Q Now you prepare for the final, In this case, the expectation of the people has increased so what you have to say about it?

Expectations of everyone(especially family) is now my responsibility to fulfill. If my parents are praying for me, if they are expecting something from me then it is my responsibility to do my best efforts to fulfill their expectations So that whatever dream they have dreamt for me I can fulfill them.

Q Tanu we are sure that you will also get a special position in ca final. So we would like to know who gave you the most guidance and who would like to say thank you?

Just one person, who is the director of the VSI Institute, to say thank you R.C. sharma sir.

He motivated me very much. Whenever we were not able to understand anything, He gave us extra time to help us clear our doubts. Whenever I was in tension, especially in the middle of the exam, then I used to call the sir and he used to tell us to move forward and focus on preparation for next exam and to forget everything about the last exams. The entire VSI institute’s faculty and R. C. Sharma sir motivate me. He was the one who motivated me a lot.

Q Tanu during the exams what was your study plan?

Examinations are of 15 days and every exam has a break of one and a half days. I myself was very nervous about how I will do everything in just one and a half day. But it just happens. I used to get tense every time after coming back from the exam. but after talking to my parents I feel rejuvenated. and it’s true, you don’t have to see what you did in the past exam. If you will think like this then you will probably deteriorate your next paper. So in my case, my tax paper went wrong and after coming back I was not sure about whether I will clear the paper or not. But then I find it better to move forward and prepare for next paper. So We have to forget what we have given in the past exam and have to focus on upcoming papers.

Q what message would you like to give those students who are now preparing CA IPCC?

I just wanna say that don’t be panic. CA is not a tough exam. You just have to plan it out that how you are going to prepare for the exam. Secondly, keep your focus on Institute study material. this is the hard core thing that is more than sufficient for your exam preparation. Don’t go around for different authors books. Just stick to your study materials of the institute and you will get it.

Table of Contents
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