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CA IPCC Topper Interview with Gaurav Sarawagi -All India rank 1st in May 2017

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Hello friends, As you all know, CA IPCC May 2017 result has come.  Gaurav Sarawagi has topped with 565 marks in IPCC May 2017.

Many Congratulation Gaurav for this achievement.

Thank You!

QSo Gaurav tell, what was your first reaction when you saw your result?

When my result came. I couldn’t believe that I got all India First Rank. I confirmed it twice with R C sir and finally, when I finally saw my result then I believed that yes, I got All India First Rank. thereafter, I called my parents.

Q So have you ever thought that I have to get the first rank or have to become IPCC Topper or Such thoughts ever came to your mind, like this?

Yes, of course, I always wanted to get all India first rank and I would have worked very hard for it.

Q Gaurav, You tell us, what kind of preparation you did for this success? What was your strategy that you followed at that time?

Whatever My schedule was, it was divided into 2 parts. one was during the coaching time and second was after coaching time.
During coaching time, I used to devote 7-8 hours in the coaching and after going into the hostel, I used to get busy in completing coaching homework. After finishing our homework, I used to read more and solve VSI mock test papers.

When I had finished My coaching in November and December, I was able to do 10 to 12 hours of daily study. A Particular time was dedicated to the individual subject, during which I used to do complete preparation of that subject and also used to solve mock test papers.
The mock test papers which were taking 4 to 5 hours initially, I was prepared to do it in 3 hours until March and then in April, when I had one month left in the examination. I decided to give 3 to 4 days to each subject and eventually, I have revised all the subjects 3-4 times before exams.

QYour schedule would have completely changed because students have lots of stress during exam time. So how did you managed yourself at that time?

Answer – When the stress comes, the biggest problem that comes is the lack of confidence. therefore
our Institute chairman R.C. Sharma sir used to call us very often and he never let our confidence down.
Also, my parents used to say to me that” Hard work is in your hands, the result is not, so always keep working hard.”

QHow many hours have you studied daily?

During the coaching, it is used to be 7 to 8 hours and when the coaching was completed by November, then 10 to 12 hours daily.

QWhen you were giving Mock Test papers and you were doing well, did you ever thought that “Yes, I can be an All India first ranked.”

When I was doing good in  mock test papers. I was becoming confident that” Yes, I can get AIR 1″.
and actually, this is the reason why I joined Vidhya Sagar Institute to become IPCC topper.

QWhy did you feel that joining Vidya Sagar Institute could bring your first rank in all India?

Before joining it, I knew that it is the first such institute in India, which has already produced AIR 1 two times earlier and Toppers from here have highest individual marks in IPCC in India. Also, every year 10 to 15 ranks comes from this institute, so I felt that I can get AIR 1 from this Institute.

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QWho do you want to give credit to your success?

First of all, I want to give credit to my parents because they always inspired me. Whenever I did not perform well in institutes exams, they used to tell me that don’t pay attention to these results Just work hard. and second is the institute, In Institute, they always try to figure out our weak areas and skills we need to work on. and then help us improving those areas. These endeavors increased our abilities and hence a difference of 20-25 marks is created in my result that helped me in getting All India rank first.

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QNow finally, What would you want to tell to your junior or who are preparing for these exams? Which things should they be taken care of during exam times?Firstly Hard work – During general days study for around 7 to 8 hours and during exam times go for 10 to 12 hours of proper study. Secondly Proper guidance – Whatever Institute you are joining first make sure that teachers there will give you full support and solve your all problems that will ultimately boost your result. And at last I want to say that Every student should decide his target and he should never have seen anything other than that target.
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