Introduction To Test During Articleship

test during articleship

Chartered Accountancy curriculum is divided into four levels CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, 3 Years Articleship Training and CA Final. Till now, students are required to pass all the three levels and mandatorily undergo 3 years of practical training in the Chartered Accountancy curriculum.

The motive of ICAI behind such 3 years of practical training is to make CA student expertise in implementing theoretical knowledge in the practical world and also make them capable to face the corporate world right after passing Chartered Accountancy.

However, some of the students do not consider articleship training important. Few of them undergo through a dummy articleship or others are just taking it time pass. Hence, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has introduced test amid articleship to make the students understand the importance of Practical training.

For CA Articleship Registration follow the link given.

Compulsory Part of the CA Course

As per the notification issued by the ICAI, these exams will be a compulsory part of the CA Course and grades given in such will appear in CA Final Marksheet. On the basis of such grades, the company will be able to test the practical knowledge of the candidate.

Eligibility Criteria

ICAI has issued a notification where it has been said that Council will assess the students on the basis of the online test based on objective questions after completion of a first and second year of practical training. As per the said notification, first-year students will have to undergo a test of 75 marks having duration 2 hours and second-year students will have to undergo a test of 100 marks having duration 3 hours.

Candidates will be eligible to appear in test in the quarter following the quarter in which they have completed their first and second year of practical training.

Assessment of Grades

Institute will assign the grades to the students on the basis of their performance in the test. Criteria for such grades are as follows -

80% and above - A grade

60% and above but below 80% - B grade

40% and above but below 60% - C grade

Below 40% - D grade

The above grades will be printed on the CA Final mark sheet of all the candidates.

Maximum Sitting

Unlike CA Exams, here students will get only two more chance to improve their grade. That means a student can appear in a particular test maximum three times only to improve his/her grade. Although,  your best grade will be chosen to be included in the mark sheet.

To know about CA Articleship Termination follow the link.

Subjects for the Test

At both the levels, Accounting and Auditing (including corporate laws) are the mandatory part of your practical test. Besides this, students will have to select one optional module at first level i.e. after completion of first-year articleship and two optional module at second level i.e. after completion of second-year articleship training on the basis of their interest and specialization.

Optional Modules are as follows -

S.No First Year Second Year
1. Direct Tax Direct Tax including International Taxation
2. Indirect Tax Indirect Tax
3. Internal Audit Internal Audit

First Assessment

Council has announced, the first test is to be held on 26th August 2018 for both the class students. This announcement is an alert for the students who are completing their first or second year of articleship amid the second quarter of 2018. Students who are completing their first or second year of training period in between April 2018 to June 2018 should be ready to get assessed in August - December 2018. Similarly students completing their first or second year in the third quarter i.e. July - September 2018 will get assessed in between Oct - Dec 2018 quarter and so on.

Sample Papers 

ICAI has issued sample papers for such practical test and requested students to practice questions from such papers. Have a look at the following sample papers issued by ICAI -

Level 1 Level 2
Accounting Accounting
Auditing Auditing
Direct Tax Direct Tax including International Taxation
Indirect Tax Indirect Tax
Internal Audit Internal Audit.

You can ask any queries related to such matter in the comment box below.

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