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Interview with Amit Dadhich, CA IPCC May 2015 AIR 5th

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Q  What was your first reaction when you heard this news?

I screamed out of joy. I liked it so much. I first called my Dad and informed him. Tears of joy started rolling down to my parent’s eyes and I felt like I did something in my life.

Q CA IPCC pass percentage is 4-8%, and it is considered to be a very big achievement to clear it in the first attempt. so who was your role model, who was your inspiration and whom would you like to give credit to?

My inspiration was my father and mother…just as if I was getting up at 5 in the morning, my mother was getting up 4:30 in the morning.

My sister is also my inspiration, she used to threaten God every night to help me clear the exam otherwise it could be bad for you(God).All these small things inspired me.

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Q  How much did you prepare for it and how many hours you studied?

Almost till mid-December our course was finished and after that, we had four and a half months, then in those four and half months, I started with 6,7,8 hours, then gradually increased and reached to 10-12 hours till the main exams.

Q  How important is the result for you?

It is very important because this is a stepping stone in my life. This thing is necessary for me. Now, After AIR 5, New doors have been opened for me, like I am now doing article-ship in Deloitte, it is due to this rank.
If someone would have asked me what achievement I have? There was no achievement in my life so far, but now I have AIR 5 which makes my life more valuable.

Q Now you are preparing for CA Final, everyone expects the same kind of results from you in future?

Expectations are good. if people expect so, that means they start believing that you can do something. The pressure of expectations is better. I feel like I can perform better in pressure.

Q who guided you during this time, whom you want to say thanks to?

First of all to our institute’s director R.C. Sharma sir. he motivated us. I never imagined of any rank in IPCC and an average student doesn’t think like this. But he not only made us dreaming that but also motivated us, helped us to make it possible.
I was weak in many subjects especially accounts and law, so many thanks to the teachers of all subjects for giving me extra time and Above all, to my parents.

Q What your strategy was and how you prepared for the exam?

First of all, I did my IPCC preparations from Vidya Sagar Institute. I heard about Vidhya Sagar Institute’s early bird batch, which was getting started 6 days after the CPT exam. I thought I would get more time for self-study if my course would be completed 5 months before the exam, so I joined the early batch. Then our course was completed in mid-December and after that, I got 4 and a half months to continue with revision and mock test papers. During that interval, I also had to give mock tests papers(by the Institute at regular intervals. In this way, we were able to give time to every subject.
The mock test papers also helped us in keeping a constant grip on all the subjects.
At the very beginning of those four and half months (during study leave), it was such that I was giving 10 days to a subject for preparation than in the second mock test paper it took 6 days, then next time I needed 4 days to prepare a subject. So by the end of it, I was able to finish the complete course in one day exactly like the time interval between our two IPCC papers.and accordingly, I prepared myself for the exam.

Q Why did you choose VSI Institute?

The first reason is that I did CPT preparation from here so I know that everything will be in the Institute. everything was already cleared to me. How important is their mock test series, their study material etc?

The second reason is that VSI has already given All India Ranks like AIR 1, AIR 2… Tanu Garg AIR 1 has been the student of VSI, it cleared me that if this institution has already given an AIR then I can also get AIR.

The third reason, Everything was completely planned. DR. CA RC Sir had already told us how our mock test would be. we knew 6 months ago that after six months we will have this particular mock test paper, These were the reason for which I joined.

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Q Is there a thing that students should take care of in exams?

There is not one thing, there is two… first of all, they should stay calm. The students should not panic very quickly, that is, students who are capable of clearing 2 groups leave one group because they think they Can’t do it. Secondly, You should pay your complete attention to study material and practice manual provided by the Institute. Keep the reference books for reference only. Don’t pay too much attention to those books. the focus should be on the focus PM (Practice Manuel) and SM (Study Material).

Q What would you like to tell your juniors who are preparing for CA IPCC?

Keep yourself in right guidance. Do not talk to those people who are failing… I mean, How they can guide you, means… they themselves are failing. Always take the guide from good people.
pay attention to the latest things going on. and finally As I said before, pay attention to PM (Practice Manual) and SM (Study Material).

Table of Contents
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