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How to Select a CA Coaching Institute for CA Intermediate Preparation?

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Are you a serious aspirant of becoming a qualified Chartered Accountant at the earliest?

Since you have already cleared your CA Foundation exams, you must have realized how tough the examination papers were.

Some of your earlier studies might have helped you for the preparation of your Foundation examination. You might have also taken help from individual faculties on different subjects or from your seniors. But, now that you are envisaging for your CA Intermediate preparation, you must be contemplating to join a CA Coaching Institute. Your dilemma must be ‘Which’ institute is the best for me to get the best CA Inter result. Here are your answers.

How to Select the Best CA Coaching for CA Intermediate Preparation?

1. Why Joining a Coaching Institute

You get a compatible study environment, with qualified and experienced faculties, updated study materials, scheduled study hours, recapitulation and revision, library and net facilities, all subjects under one roof and many more.

You get a moral boosting, when you find yourself amidst other students preparing to face the same challenge of CA Intermediate preparation.

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2. Search & Screen

By searching on internet, you can find out a list of CA Coaching Institutes in your city or other location where you intend to pursue your CA Intermediate preparation.

There are some institutes that offer coaching for other competitive examinations such as IIT entrance, Medical entrance etc along with CA course. You should prefer one that gives coaching exclusive for CA Intermediate examinations. After an initial screening, you may shortlist 4 or 5 institutes for further assessment.

3. Ask & Ascertain

You may ask and ascertain about various important aspects about the shortlisted institutes such as quality, faculty and suitability, from your friends and relatives. Better still will be to find out if any seniors or others who have undergone coaching in such institutes and ascertain their personal views about it.

4. Track Records

Find out the track records of the institute where you intend to pursue your CA Intermediate preparation. The number of students joining the institutes and those who have cleared the CA Intermediate examination matter most to indicate the quality of teaching of the coaching institute.

The higher the percentage of pass-outs, more preferable is the institute. Find out the full name addresses and contact numbers of the passed out students and contact them personally or over phone to get their personal opinion about the Institute.

5. Be aware of Fraudulent Ads

There are institutes that have franchisee CA coaching institutes at different locations. In order to entice students, they might publish the pass-out percentages of the institute as a whole. Such data may be misleading to you.

You should therefore insist upon finding out the pass percentage of the individual coaching centers; particularly where you intend to join.

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6. Staffing Pattern

Faculties are the nerve centre of a CA coaching institute. Besides the requisite professional qualification, the faculties should have long years of teaching students for CA Intermediate preparation.

You can ascertain about their teaching abilities and methodologies by contacting the passed-out students or from those who are pursuing their studies in the said institute.


7. Study Materials and Mock Test Papers

Get a set of study materials from any possible source and determine for yourself, the effectiveness of their contents. Get confirmed that these are periodically updated and contain the probable questions with suggested answers. Moreover, you should also check the quality of CA Intermediate mock test papers of an institute. If the papers are made properly or the institute is just adding the questions.

8. Aids & Facilities

Find out the various teaching aids and facilities provided to students for CA Intermediate preparation; such as Library and the various reference books kept, net facilities, Journals and magazines.

9. Personality Development

Find out if the institute imparts training on Personality Development covering methods for building self-confidence, managing stress and mock tests for an interview and CA Intermediate examinations. Such trainings must be given by subject matter professionals.

10. Flexible Timings

If you are not pursuing exclusive CA Intermediate preparation and having a part time or full time employment, it is essential to find out if the institute is having flexible timing for attending the classes.

In this context, you should also find out the number of days in a week for which the coaching is structured and also the total course duration.

11. Fees Structure

You can compare the fees structure of the institute with others and if a coaching institute is offering a discount on their fees structure, you must stop and recheck the quality of the institute.

Once you join a CA Coaching Institute for your CA Intermediate preparation, you cannot discontinue it during a session.

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    Therefore, it is pertinent that you should leave no stone unturned to find out every aspect of the Coaching Institute so that you can Score Single digit air in the CA Intermediate examination in your first attempt.

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