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How to Score Good Marks in Class 10 Board Exams?

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Class 10 is an important chapter of students’ life. Scoring excellent marks is a goal for many students, and they strive for it throughout their class 10th preparation. How to score good marks in class 10 is one question that many students look online and want an answer to. Students need to create a study plan and strategy, a focused approach, and learn time management skills during preparation time. In this blog, we have covered a few tips to score well in class 10 and the benefits of solving class 10 sample papers. Let’s take a look at it-

Tips to Score Good Marks in Class 10th

For everyone who wants to know how to prepare for class 10, here are 07 tips that will help you in your preparation-

1. Time Management-

Time management is one skill that comes as an asset for students. Students need to create an effective study plan before they begin preparation. It will help them manage time, and they must allocate time to the subject in that plan. It is one of the tips for how to score good marks in class 10. Also, prioritize your subjects and topics based on their difficulty level.

2. Create an Effective Study Plan-

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Go through your syllabus and break it into small and manageable pieces. An effective study plan dedicates time to each subject twice a week. Add difficult subjects like maths thrice or daily. Make sure you set daily goals and reach them to track your progress. This tip will help you to stay on track and focused.

3. Practice Sample Papers-

If you are looking for how to prepare for class 10 board exam tips, then add this one to your list. Solving sample papers for each subject during preparation is an effective way to test your knowledge and conduct a self-evaluation process. It will help you improve in areas you are behind. Sample papers will also help you to become familiar with the exam pattern and improve your accuracy and speed in exams.

4. Understand Concepts-

It is the most underrated tip for how to score good marks in class 10, but it is an effective one. You must understand the concept instead of focusing on memorization. Understanding the concept will help you remember information for a longer duration.

5. Follow a Healthy Diet-

A diet is an important part of our daily life and plays a crucial role in one’s energy and concentration levels. Make sure you include fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and protein-rich food staples in your daily diet instead of junk and sugary food.

6. Exercise, Yoga, & Meditation-

Include an exercise regime of 20-30 minutes of yoga and meditation in your daily activity. Moving your body daily helps to decrease stress levels and improves focus. Yoga and meditation practice also helps to stay calm during a stressful situation.

7. Challenge Yourself-

The last tip on how to prepare for the 10th board exam tip is to go beyond limits. You must push yourself out of your comfort zone every once in a while. Set challenges daily and try to achieve them, no matter what. It helps to gain problem-solving skills and develop a mindset that you can do it.

Benefits of Solving Sample Paper in Class 10th

There are several benefits of Solving sample papers in class 10th. Here are some of the benefits listed below-

  • Practising sample papers allows a self-evaluation process. It will give you a chance to test your knowledge and understanding of a specific topic or subject and allow you to identify your weak areas.
  • Regular practice of solving Class 10th sample papers helps to improve speed and accuracy in problem-solving. It is crucial in final board exams where time is limited. It also helps to increase your speed.
  • Sample papers are created based on actual exam paper patterns. When you solve a sample paper, you get familiar with the types of questions asked. Marking scheme, time constraints, and can prepare accordingly for main exams.
  • Regular practice of solving sample papers for class 10th preparation helps boost confidence as it makes you familiar with exam patterns. It also helps to understand the concepts and upscale problem-solving skills.
  • One of the benefits of a sample paper when it comes to how to score good marks in class 10 is improving writing speed. Practising sample paper daily helps to improve students’ writing speed mistakes, and over time, they tend to get habitual of writing fast and avoid writing mistakes.


Q1. How many minimum marks do I need to score to clear the exams?

Ans: A student must secure a minimum of 33% marks in each subject to pass class 10.

Q2. Are NCERT Books Enough for CBSE Class 10 Board Preparation?

Ans: Yes, NCERT books are enough to prepare for class 10th final exams.

Q3. How can I Create an Effective Study Plan for Class 10?

Ans: Make a list of subjects, and divide time to each subject at least twice a week. Try covering all topics taught in class by the end of the week. Prepare daily, weekly, and monthly plans.

Q4. How can I Enhance concentration while studying?

  • Study in a quiet environment
  • Take a short break of 5-10 mins
  • Put your phone away
  • Exercise to boost energy levels and reduce stress levels.
  • Try meditation and mental relaxation exercises.

Q5. What are some effective study techniques for better understanding and retention?

  • Don’t multitask
  • Do group study and share your learning with others
  • Revise
  • Solve sample papers
  • Look up for answers rather than struggle to remember.

Q6. How can I manage my time effectively while studying for class 10 exams?

Ans: Try focusing on one thing at a time. It will help you reach your goal faster, and you can have extra time for another topic. Prioritize topics and prepare them first instead of coming back to them again while studying different topics.

Q7. Are there any online resources or apps that can AID in Class 10 exam preparation?

Ans: Yes, students can use apps like myCBSEguide, Meritnation, Toppr, Unacademy, etc.

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