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Interview with CPT June 2017 Topper Kriti Goel (189/200)

CPT june 2017 topper kirti goel

What was your reaction when you came to know about your CPT result? I did not believe it first. My father called me. He informed me that I scored 189 out of 200. At the very first moment, I thanked my parents, to Sir, and to God.

You are from Delhi and you did your coaching from Jaipur, Why? Yes, this question has been asked by a lot of people and every time I said that what matters the most is, from where you will get proper guidance.

People poked me enormously that Delhi is a great place for coaching than Jaipur, so why you are going to Jaipur. But after getting 189 marks in CPT. I can proudly say this is the best decision that I have taken.

What was your study plan? I followed a balanced and daily study plan. I used to revise things on daily basis and I was always prepared for mock test exams in VSI.

So how giving mock test papers was helpful for you in CPT exams?

The mock tests were very helpful because when we all gave our first mock test, we performed poorly. Just because that was our first time, we did not know how to give the exam. All of us had very low scores but later as we gave more and more tests, we came to know about our mistakes and always tried to avoid repeating them. So that’s why all of us scored very good marks.

Q Why did you choose VSI for CPT? you are from Delhi and you came to Jaipur. Why? When I decided to do coaching, I started searching for best ca coaching which has produced great results in previous years in CA, there, I first heard about VSI and then one of our family member, who was also VSI Ex-student, refered me VSI Jaipur. So i read everything about it, I liked it so I joined VSI and here I am.

There is a lot of performance pressure and stress before and during the exams. how you kept yourself motivated throughout this period?

Our teachers played a huge role in this process. Our institute director R.C. Sharma SIR used to call almost daily during and before the exam. He always knew how our preference was going on, and he had a record of all of us. He monitored our progress in each subject. I Don’t feel like you can get this much of guidance and proper directions anywhere else. Even before the exam, RC Sir taught us how to handle stress and advised us for healthy sleep and last time study plan.

What are your plans for ca intermediate? I have already joined VSI Sure Success Batch for CA Intermediate preparation. I am aimed to repeat the history again in CA intermediate.

What message would you give to the students who are preparing for CPT? Just follow VSI notes. That’s it. No need to refer other publications books and other outside material. VSI CPT course material itself is strong enough. And along with this, you need proper guidance. VSI provides ample guidance as well as great study material.Lastly, stress is obvious, you are preparing for CA. So try to master stress management skill.

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