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CBSE Improvement Exam for Class 12th 2024 – VSI Jaipur 

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Every student studies hard to achieve a good score in the class 12th board exam. It is a tough journey for all the students, from preparing for the exam to writing a great paper. However, due to some circumstances, some students fail to get marks according to their expectations. If you are one of those unlucky students, then there is no need to worry as there’s always another way out of your problem with which you can find your correct solution.

Here you have the CBSE Improvement Exams for class 12th; this exam will provide you with another opportunity where you can re-try your capabilities to achieve good scores. So, study sincerely and work hard so that you can achieve a good score in the improvement exams.

 The Central Board of Secondary Education is providing you with another opportunity to score well in these improvement exams. For all those students who worked really hard in their previous CBSE 12th exam but didn’t score well and who have qualified for their exam but could not live up to their expectations, CBSE has introduced the CBSE improvement exams. The CBSE improvement exam for class 12th is a platform where all the students can give the paper again and try to score good marks. With the CBSE Improvement Exam, improve your CBSE class 12th result and explore career opportunities after the 12th. To know more about the CBSE Improvement exam for class 12th, read the complete article. 

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Rules and guidelines for CBSE Improvement exam

  1. The major rule for the CBSE improvements exam is that the student must have passed the board examination. Those students who have failed the board examination are not eligible for the improvement paper.
  2. The students would not be required to attend school regularly; in fact, they can appear for the exam as a private student.
  3. Students who had taken the board exam in March 2023 are eligible to take the improvement exam in March 2024 (along with other students).
  4. The improvement application form is available online. Those students who want to appear for the exam for the improvisation of performance can fill out their form online.

Explore some more information regarding CBSE improvement exams:-

Guidelines for the CBSE improvements exams for the classes 10th & 12th

  1. CBSE improvement examination is only for those students who had previously attended the board examination and who qualified for that examination. The purpose of this examination is to give students another opportunity to re-score good marks, through which they can improve their results and satisfy themselves.
  2. In improvement exams, students have the chance to take a re-exam of one or more subjects, in which he/she can score better.
  3. This exam is only for those students who have qualified for the class 12th board examination.
  4. For those students who appeared last year in the board exams, their details will be auto-generated, and the other students have to fill out the form for the CBSE improvement exam.
  5. Students who have not passed their previous year’s board examination are not eligible for this examination; they have to fill out the compartment form to entertain this.
  6. In many such exceptional cases, if the student fails to score good marks in the improvement exam, then the student’s best performance will be considered.
  7. The student who wants to take the CBSE improvement exam cannot engage or cannot pursue any of the other higher studies; he/she will not be eligible for the improvement exam; he/she should be a dropper for that current year in which he/she is pursuing the improvement exam.

CBSE Improvement Exam 2024 Date

CBSE Improvement Exam 2024 Date

S.No.ActivitiesImportant Dates
1.Availability of CBSE Improvement Exam Form for Class 10th & 12thIn February, 2024
2.Last Date for CBSE Improvement Exam Form 2024 for Class 10th & 12thYet Not Releaesed
3.Improvement Exam for CBSE Class 12th – Starting date 15 Feb to April 02, 2024
4.Improvement Exam for CBSE Class 12th – End date 15 Feb to April 02, 2024
5.Declaration of result for Both the Exams June 2024

Go through with the above information and, now we will proceed towards detailed information.

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How to apply for CBSE Improvement Exam 2024

Those students who want to apply to the CBSE improvement examination can fill out their application form with the help of an online portal; by just following these steps, you can fill out the online portal form.

  1. First, you need to visit the official website of the Central Board of Secondary Education.
  2. Now, after the above step, enter your previous year’s board roll number in the first text box of the webpage.
  3. In case you are a regular student, you have to enter the 5-digit school number in the second text box that appears on the webpage. if you appear as a private student, you will not have the school, then you must enter (99999).
  4. Now enter your examination centre code; here, you need to refer to your previous year’s CBSE admit card.
  5. Tap on proceed and then fill up your required details in the CBSE exam improvement form.
  6. You can make the payment by the supporting partner’s bank and the other facilities, whichever is feasible for you.
  7. Copy all the details, whichever shows on the display, the application number and the roll number that will help you in further action.
  8. In any of the exception cases, if you entered some irrelevant information in any of the respective fields, then the form cannot be submitted.
  9. The students can fill the improvement examination form only one time, if you have already submitted your exam form you cannot apply again in fact, you cannot edit your examination form.
  10. You should follow all the guidelines, whichever is given on the confirmation page.

All the information related to the CBSE improvement exam is already shared with you, and further details are also available on the official website of the Central Board of Secondary Education.

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Top frequently asked questions about the CBSE Improvement Exam

Q1. How many times candidates can apply for the CBSE improvement exam?

Ans. Candidates only have one chance to appear for the CBSE improvement exam in successive years.

Q2. Will I need to get in contact with my school for the procedure of the enhancement test, or can I simply fill the form?

Ans. You can also fill out the form on your own end.

Q3. I completed my 12th class in 2018. And now I would like to give the improvement paper, is there’s any feasibility.

Ans. So, let me clarify that improvement is only valid in the same year of qualifying for the class.

Q4. If I have to get admission to higher studies, and now I would like to take the improvement examination, is there any possibility?

Ans. No, there’s no possibility, if you like to give the improvement examination you have to drop your higher studies, otherwise, you don’t have any chance of giving the improvement examination.

Q5. Is it necessary to appear in all the subjects of improvement exams?

Ans. According to the CBSE improvement exam rules & guidelines, candidates have a choice to appear in one or more subjects of improvement paper.

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