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An inspiring personality, VSI Chairman DR CA RC Sharma was featured in Forbes India.

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“One successful students is equivalent to one life saved,
One failure may lead to a life lost.”

-DR CA R.C. Sharma

A purposeful and hardworking kid who came from a village with both lack of choices and knowledge entered the field of a chartered accountant as a complete stranger without any back support nor any facilities. Sooner than later he realized the potential which he held in the career path of chartered accountant and later dedicated his life to teaching students and being the guiding force in their fragile age of vulnerabilities.

Always having a zeal to give back to society, while working as a chartered accountant he appeared for Indian Civil services exams as well. He continues to work for society through completely engaging himself in teaching the students and trying to make their career at times absolutely free of cost. His Inspiring story has also been covered by Forbes India page no. 27.


“Once I saw the helplessness of a family that has sold everything to educate their child changed my perspective entirely, as one successful career is equivalent to one life saved” as said by R.C. Sharma sir.

Seeing the hardships of the family changed his whole viewpoint and perspective towards the process of career building, and put the result and career of every single student above his institute earnings trying to change not only the life of the student but also his entire family.

Guiding every student in his preparation personally made him figure that with every student comes a different trait of interests and their potential can reach maximum with a simple formula of “how to gain marks in every minute”. Admitting the limited number of students coming from all over India, He calls his classes as mini-India and takes the responsibility of every student as soon as they enter VSI ( Vidya Sagar Institute ) for Chartered Accountant.

His approach has led to many achievements and reaping the results of his students by bagging 7 times All India 1st Ranks in the CA examination out of 10 years as he has established his institute willing to fulfill the dreams of the students and families.


He has achieved the milestone not with the sharpest and most intelligent students but with those who are average and have the zeal to succeed as he believes there is no work required in expelling those who are already excellent. Giving personalized time and availability to each student even in odd hours of the day has led him to write uncountable success stories.

KAHANI JAZBE KI – DR CA RC Sharma Success Story

Table of Contents
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