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CBSE Accounts Project Class 11 Guide (2023-24)

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Students need to submit Accounts Project Class 11 at the end of session 2023-2024 as per new guidelines issued by the CBSE board to their respective schools. The project is a mandatory part of the curriculum. Class 11 students can submit their project through an offline mode, directly at school, to their account’s teacher. The project is worth 20 marks, and to pass in that subject, they must submit the project. Research work is of 06 marks, relevance of the topic is of 03 marks, viva weightage is 08 marks, and presentation technique is of 03 marks.

The viva will be conducted based on Accounts Project Class 11 and some topics from the Class 11 accounts curriculum of the 2023-2024 session. Accountancy is one of the important subjects in the class 11 commerce stream and is tough also. It is important for students to prepare for it from day one and practice accountancy sample papers 2023-2024. Solving the paper will give them an idea about the actual paper.

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CBSE Class 11 Accounts Project guidelines 2023-24-

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The project is divided into three parts- part A, part B, and part C: written exam, viva, and project report. The total marks for the project are 20; the written part is 12 marks, 04 marks for viva, and 04 marks for the project report. Students need to submit project reports before the commencement of the exam in the month of March.

Students need to collect data, prepare vouchers, and record transactions using collected vouchers to prepare their project reports. They will also need to prepare a project of sole proprietorship. It includes journal entries, ledgers, and trial balance preparation. Balance sheets, trading, profit and loss, accounts, income and profit, expenses, liabilities, and assets are a few of the points of the project report and need to be depicted through tables, bar diagrams, and charts.

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Marking scheme of CBSE class 11th Accounts Project Work 2023-24

Accounts Project Class 11 is divided into three parts. The total marks of the project are 20 marks, and it is divided on the basis of three parts. The written exam, part A, is worth 12 marks. Part B, viva, is of 04 marks, and the last part is the project report which is of 04 marks. Students need to prepare an account project for class 11 while considering all these parts.

Written Exam12 Marks
Viva04 Marks
Project Report04 marks

Viva of Class 11th Account Project 2023-24-

Students have to prepare for Viva, also known as an oral exam, during the practical exam. The practical exam will be scheduled by the school before the final exams in the month of March and students need to submit the accountancy project class 11 before the final exams. Students will face viva questions on the basis of the project report they will prepare, and the written exam will also be based on that project. The project aims to help students understand and learn about accountancy.

Objectives of CBSE Account Project Class 11th 2023-24

Everything in the class 11 curriculum by CBSE is for a reason. They have some hidden motive that benefits students only. The objectives of Accounts Project Class 11 are-

The project report will help students to understand and learn about financial statement analysis. They will learn the aim, meaning, and objective of it.

It helps them to develop transactions of business that don’t exist. They will have to go through each topic in accounts to do so, which will familiarise them with topics.

Students will learn to do legering and balance sheets and understand bank books, cash books, and other proformas in accounts. It will also help them to understand other necessary things in business accounts.

Making a project will help students understand the objectives, advantages, and limitations of accounting.

CBSE Account Project Class 11 Work Ideas 2023-24-

Students should choose a company idea that has various products instead of a company that provides services. Here are a few ideas for account project class 11-

  • Preparation of Trial Balance-

Dabur, ITC, or HLL preparation of trial balance

  • Trading and profit and loss account and balance sheet-

They can make projects on Trading and profit and loss accounts and balance sheets of Dabur, ITC, or HLL.

  • Depict Liabilities and assets using a bar diagram, pie, or chart-
  • ETC
  • Dabur
  • P&G
  • Nestle
  • HLL

How to Prepare the Class 11 Accounts Project 2023-24?

Here are a few tips to prepare for Accounts Project Class 11-

  • Understand the objective of preparing the CBSE accountancy project for class 11.
  • Go through guidelines issued by the CBSE board to prepare accountancy project class 11.
  • Select a topic for a project from a ratio analysis report to a segment report or cash flow report. They must be ready to collect and prepare data for the project.
  • They must prepare a common size and comparative statement for the project along with a few important questions.


1. How to prepare for the Class 11 Account Project?

Go through the guidelines issued by CBSE, select an idea, and prepare your report.

2. Can we get a Class 11 Account Project Topic Idea from the NCERT Books?

Yes, you can choose a topic for accounts project class 11 from the NCERT book.

3. Is it compulsory to prepare for the CBSE Class 11 Accounts Project?

Yes. The project contains 20 marks, and it is mandatory to create a project report to pass class 11.

4. How to prepare for Class 11 Accounts Project Viva-Voice?

Students need to research their topics thoroughly to prepare for Accounts Project Class 11.

5. What are the important questions for Accounts VIVA?

Generally, questions are asked about the project you prepared. But students can also go through some basic topics related to your project.

Table of Contents
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