List down all the important topics and chapters in each class 12th subject that are frequently asked and must be covered.

Study the frequently asked topics that cover higher weightage in the board exams. And then move on to the chapters with lower weightage.

Instead of memorising the syllabus, try to understand the concepts to remember them and write better answers in the exams.

Use only the class 12th NCERT books for the preparation, as the question papers are primarily based on these books.

Make short hand-written notes for all the essential topics so you can review them faster on exam days.

Do written practice regularly for practical subjects like Accounts and Maths with proper steps and working notes.

Solve the CBSE class 12th sample papers and past year question papers in 3 hours as per the marking scheme. 

Practice writing the answers with a proper presentation using bullet points, diagrams, flow chart tables and working notes.

Try to revise essential topics of the Class 12th syllabus at least twice so you can remember them in the examination hall.

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