Explore High Salary Career Paths for BCom Graduates.

Chartered Accountant

CA manage financial records, budgets, and tax compliance for organizations. One can become CA after clearing Intermediate and final level along with articleship.

Financial Analyst

Analyze market trends, investment opportunities, and make strategic recommendations.

Human Resources Manager

A human resource manager Oversees employee recruitment, training, and policy implementation.

Marketing Specialist

Marketing Specialist develop and implement marketing strategies to promote products or services

Sales Manager

Sales Manager lead sales teams, set targets, and develop strategies to drive revenue growth.

Business Analyst

Analyze market data, identify opportunities for improvement, and streamline processes

Supply Chain Manager

Oversee logistics, inventory management, and ensure smooth operations.

E-commerce Specialist

E-commerce Specialists manages online sales platforms, optimize customer experience, and drive online revenue.


Start your own business and lead it to success with your knowledge and skills.

Business Consultant

Business Consultants provide expert advice to companies on various aspects of their operations.

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