CA Articleship

Your Path to Becoming a Chartered Accountant

The journey to becoming a CA involves undergoing articleship, a crucial phase of practical training.

What is CA Articleship?

It is a hands-on training period where aspiring CAs work under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Why is Articleship Important?

Articleship provides real world exposure to accounting, auditing, taxation, and financial management.

Duration of Articleship

The articleship period typically lasts for three years after completing the CA inter course.

Choose Right Firm

Consider reputation, expertise, work environment, and diverse industry exposure when selecting a CA firm for articleship.

Articleship Stipend

CA firms offer stipends to trainees, which supports financial support during articleship training.

Skills Developed

Articleship cultivates vital skills such as analysis, client management, and communication, crucial for CAs.


As a part of your articleship, you will need to clear CA Inter exams. Proper dedication and time management are keys to success.

Networking Opportunities

Articleship opens doors to networking with industry professionals, clients, and fellow trainees that can be beneficial in your future career.

Job Prospects

Completing articleship boosts employability; firms often hire their former trainees as permanent staff.

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