Most students make silly mistakes in CA intermediate which hampers their marks.

Read the CA intermediate papers instructions carefully and allocate time for each section before starting the exam. 

Begin with the questions you are most confident in, as this will give you a good start and boost your confidence.

Answer all parts of a question, even if you're unsure about some parts. You can still score marks for the parts you have answered correctly.

While writing descriptive answers, divide them into clear and concise paragraphs with proper headings and subheadings.

 Use diagrams, charts, and tables wherever necessary to explain your answers effectively.

Show your working notes, calculations, and assumptions  for practical questions.

Always write the answer in the units specified in the CA intermediate papers.

Avoid overwriting or scribbling, and keep your answer sheet neat and organised.

Check your answer sheet for any spelling mistakes or basic errors before submitting it.

Finally, take a few minutes to revise your answers to ensure that you have not missed out on any important points.

Check out all CA intermediate MTPs, RTPs and Previous year's papers to know the difficulty level of question