CBSE Class 12 Commerce Subjects and Syllabus

Looking for class 12 commerce subjects and syllabus? You have landed on the right page, here you will get a complete list of commerce subjects, and CBSE syllabus for class 12th commerce.

Commerce is one of the most popular streams among students, each and every student knows about it of  10+2 grade because the commerce stream seems to be easy and offers a wide range of career options. Generally, the first preference of class 10th students while choosing their stream is commerce mainly because many of the students feel they have an immense opportunity in this stream and wide career options after 12th.

Students who opt for commerce stream generally choose CA as a career option. The subjects which you get to study helps you in the preparation of CA entrance exam also i.e., preparation of CA Foundation. You can be a CA Foundation topper and make your parents dream come true through the systematic guidance and result oriented approach of VSI.

So in this article, you will find CBSE class 12 commerce subjects & we have even discussed class 11th subjects and class 12th commerce syllabus.

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Primarily there are only 3 important subjects in class 11th commerce on which you need to focus a lot.


Subjects of Class 11th Commerce

  1. Accountancy
  2. Economics (Sub-Parts)

a)Indian Economic Development


3.Business Studies

And some common secondary subjects on which you also have to focus include.

  1. English
  2. Maths/Information Practices/Physical Education etc.


 Commerce Subjects in Class 12 – CBSE

As 12th is a board so you need to give equal attention to every subject hence all the subjects of class 12th become important. You are also provided options in certain subjects. The list of commerce subjects in class 12 is given below.


Class 12th Subjects
Business Studies
Maths/Information Practices/Physical Education etc.


CBSE Syllabus of Accountancy For Class 12th

Units Chapters
Part AAccounting for Partnership Firms and  Companies
Unit 1  Accounting for Partnership Firms
Accounting for Partnership firms
Admission of a partner
Retirement and death of a partner
Dissolution of a partnership firm
Unit 2 Accounting for Companies
Accounting for Share Capital
Accounting for Debentures
Part BFinancial Statement Analysis
Unit 3  Analysis of Financial Statements
Financial statements of a company
Financial Statement Analysis
Accounting Ratios
Liquidity Ratios
Solvency Ratios
Activity Ratios
Profitability Ratios
Unit 4Cash Flow Statement


CBSE Syllabus of Business Studies of Class 12th

UnitsName of the Chapter
Chapter 1Nature and Significance of Management
Chapter 2Principles of Management
Chapter 3Business Environment
Chapter 4Planning
Chapter 5Organizing
Chapter 6Staffing
Chapter 7Directing
Chapter 8Controlling
Chapter 9Financial Management
Chapter 10Financial Market
Chapter 11Marketing
Chapter 12Consumer protection
Chapter 13Entrepreneurship Development


CBSE Syllabus of Economics For Class 12th

Part AIntroductory Microeconomics
Consumer’s Equilibrium and Demand
Producer Behaviour and Supply
Forms of Market and Price Determination
Part BIntroductory Macroeconomics
National Income and Related Aggregates
Money and Banking
Determination of Income and Employment
Government Budget and the Economy
Balance of Payments
Part cProject Work


CBSE Class 12th Syllabus English


English Flamingo Poem

Chapter 1My Mother At Sixty-six
Chapter 2An Elementary School Classroom In a Slum
Chapter 3Keeping Quiet
Chapter 4A Thing Of Beauty
Chapter 5A Roadside Stand
Chapter 6Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

English Vistas

Chapter 1The Last Lesson
Chapter 2Lost Spring
Chapter 3Deep Water
Chapter 4The Rattrap
Chapter 5Indigo
Chapter 6Poets And Pancakes
Chapter 7The Interview
Chapter 8Going Places


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