Free Download Complete CA Final Scanner for 2020

Is this your first attempt in CA final, and have lots of questions regarding CA? Here are the ways to crack the CA final exams with the help of CA final scanner, which can be beneficial for you.

How does CA Final Scanner work to prepare your exams? 

 There are many benefits and easy tips for CA final exams with the CA final Scanner, which are stated below: 

  • There is updated edition information about the next coming up in the exam of CA Final.
  • CA final provides a link to revise as well as learning resources provided by the ICAI (The Institute of Chartered Accountant of India)
  • Everything is divided and categorized into sections making it easy to understand.

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What are the facts relevant to know about the CA Final Scanner 2020 paper?

CA Final is the revised name of CPT. CPT is an entry-level exam that wants to become a CA in India.ICAI normally suggests that start studying for CA Final Exams before 4 months of its date.

What are the criteria while appearing in CA Final exams?

Ans. Students have to complete a 2.5 yrs article ship before appearing for CA Final exams. The students who have not attempted the Old scheme not even once have to complete A ICITSS (Advanced ITT and MCS) before appearing in CA Final exams under the new scheme. 

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CA Final Registration 2020- Important Dates 

After passing both the groups of CA intermediate or IPCC level, candidates can fill up the CA final registration form. As per the new scheme of 2020, the candidates have to finish their articles which are mandatory as per Institute guidelines.

The candidates who are eligible to attempt the CA Final Exams 2020, registrations are open in given dates below: 

Events Dates 
Issue of the registration form of CA final 2020Throughout the year for the eligible candidates
Last date of registration for November 2020 attemptJune 30, 2020
Last date of registration for May 2021 attemptLast week of December 2020
Issue of CA final 2020 exam form February 5, 2020
Last date to fill the CA final exam form (without late fees)February 26, 2020
Last date to fill the CA final exam form (with late fees)March 4, 2020

How to register for the CA final level of 2020 online? 

To register in CA final 2020, the applicants have to visit the official website of ICAI. The steps to follow for registering.Steps for  registration

  • 1st step: Firstly one can visit the website
  • 2nd step: The students can do the registration process and make login with the provided registered ID and password. Then they can select the SSP portal to register.
  • 3rd step: Here the two options that appear are ‘Student Cycle’ and ‘Article Cycle’.
  • 4th step: Then one should select the option of ‘Student Cycle’.
  • 5th step: You can choose courses as the final levels of CA.
  • 6th step: On-screen the registration for final CA will appear.
  • 7th step: The basic details get filled automatically as one already fills these details at the time of CA intermediate registration.
  • 8th step: There is also a re-correct option available and one can use it if correction is required at some moment.
  • 9th step: According to the information upload the required documents as per the given formats and size.
  • 10th step: After the completion of the registration process, then pay the through fees Net banking / Debit Card / Credit Card.
  • 11th Step: For future reference, one can save and also print the CA final 2020. 

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Revised CA Final Scanner Papers Syllabus and Study Material by ICAI  (2020)

There are four subjects in the CA final exams. You can download the ICAI  syllabus click here.

The link provided has study material by ICAI for every subject which is given below in the following table.:-

CA Final Study Material 2020

The CA course is divided into sections and skills, which helps in the preparation for exams in a better way.

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Skill-wise Weightage

The skills assessment is based on 3 skills:

  1. Comprehension and Knowledge
  2. Analysis and Application
  3. Evaluation and Synthesis

However, only the first two are included in the CA Final Course.

Download the Skill Assessment Specification for CA Final subjects under the revised scheme of Education and Training.

Section-wise Weightage

Download the Section-wise Weightage for all CA Final subjects under the revised scheme of Education and Training.

CA Final Scanner helps to get yourself prepared and provide complete information on how to crack the CA Final 2020 paper. Go through the link below before appearing the CA Final Exams which provides some relevant information that can be helpful for the exams.

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CA Final Mock Test Papers and Schedule by ICAI

The CA Mock test papers can be downloaded. Click for the Schedule

The CA Final Scanner consists of the latest mock test papers of ICAI ‘s question answers along with their links. You can download the papers and solve the papers and finally, can check the answers through the answer key.

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4 Tips To Excel In CA Final Exam 2020

 To excel in exams following are the relevant points:-

  1. Manage the efforts with the schedule: The appearing candidates should set your time and schedule according to the CA Final syllabus which can help in the completion of the syllabus as well as have lots of time for revision. 
  2. Master in the calculator: If the candidate has full control over the calculator work then it can save more time.
  3. Be relaxed: A short break and healthy habit of eating can enhance concentration power.
  4. Equal focus on every subject: the candidate should plan the schedule as per the subjects provided so that equal attention is given to every subject provided.

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Reference Books

At the time of registration, only the study material is provided by ICAI. The reference books can be purchased online.   

Few popular books that are widely used are as follows:-

  1. CA Munish Bhandari (Hand Book
  2. CA Munish Bhandari (Full Book
  3. Allied Laws HANDBOOK By Kamal Garg.
  4. ICAI Supplementary Study Material.
  5. Handbook on CA Final Law by G.Sekar B Saravana Prasath 

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Dates of CA Final Exam  2020

Usually, the entrance exams of CA finals are conducted twice in a year i.e., May and November by ICAI. But due to lockdown CA, Final Exams is postponed till Nov . The new dates will be updated by ICAI on their official website.

New Dates of CA Final: Around June 19 to July 4, 2020.

Last Year Passed candidates Percentage Data and Analysis

 To view the result of the last three CA Final Papers which were held in Nov 2018, May 2019, and Nov 2019, CA Final Scanner can provide this information accurately.

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We can say that the CA Final Scanner for 2020 helps students to crack the main exams easily and effectively. As it provides all the relevant necessary information related to the CA Final Exam through which the students can prepare well. The students who aspire to score very well for CA Exams will find this Scanner very convenient and easy. It is a must for all the CA aspirants who wish to achieve success in their forthcoming exams of CA conducted by ICAI. One can get noticed about the updated data and dates of exams through 

CA Final Scanner for 2020.


  • What are the valid criteria for studying in the exam?

Ans. Concern the who is under the Board of Studies Announcements of students Section.

  • After completing the procedure of online registration on the ICAI portal when can I fill the CA final examination form?

Ans. After the preparation of the exam according to the ICAI portal, you can fill the form as the examination is conducted twice in a year.

  • How many attempts can be given for CA final?

ans. 6 attempts can be given for CA final exams.

  • Is the CA Final Exam manageable to clear?

Ans. Yes, as it is manageable for commerce students as they are well versed with the criteria of the examination and can clear all papers easily. 

  • When will CA final exams hold or it is postponed?

Ans. ICAI ( The Institute of Chartered Accountant of India) postponed the CA final exams 2020 as per the situation of the nation. Later it will be redirected from 19th June 2020 to 4 July 2020 as per the information.